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How to Edit the Footer in WordPress to Meet Your Needs

The footer of your WordPress webiste may seem its least important element, but, in fact, it can help you strengthen your brand and retain visitors. Read this post to learn why bother editing the footer and how to do that by applying several tried-and-true methods.

Dmitriy Maschenko

Delivery Director at PSD2HTML

Create Your Own WordPress Plugin in 4 Easy Steps

WordPress is a highly extensible platform, with tons of plugins to address almost any task. Sometimes, however, installing a plugin can be an overkill. Instead, site owners can change a few lines of code themselves to achieve the purpose. If you want to know how to create a plugin with your own hands, this post is for you.

Valerie Muradian

Web Developer & Content Writer

6 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Website

Your WordPress website's speed is an important UX characteristic that can seriously impact your search rankings. Read this post to learn how you can make your site faster to boost your organic traffic.

Valerie Muradian

Web Developer & Content Writer

How to Backup WordPress

Read this post to learn how to back up a WordPress site by just using the terminal and why this method is better than installing backup plugins.

Christoph Schmidl

Software Engineer & PhD Candidate at Radboud University