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Online Collaboration Tools for Dev Teams

The value of communication in business is now more important than ever. When feedback comes from all directions, consolidating it isn’t that easy. It can be like #85: Global dev team working remotely#startups #developers #reactions — The Startup Designer (@DesignerStartup) November 17, 2015 Luckily, there are dozens of time-saving SaaS products and remote collaboration […]


Top 10 Online Collaboration Tools for Web Design Agencies

As designers, we fully understand the meaning of the phrase ‘working solo’. We’re used to putting in long, lonely hours at the desk, chatting with clients, often until the small hours. However, if you work with a team, then you’ve probably experienced the need for better tools for exchanging ideas, keeping track of revisions, and […]


I’m a Designer Being Asked to Make Websites! What Now?!?

I know you planned on making brochures and flyers for your professional life as a graphic designer, but you WILL, way more than you might expect, be asked, “Hey, do you do websites?” So what, as a designer, should you start researching in order to get even more work from more clients and still manage to pull off a nice job? That’s what I’m here to answer. <!--more-->


The Best Job For You is the One You Create Yourself

At about this time a year ago, I was a month away from diving head first into working for myself by trying my hand at a freelancing career. It was the most uncertain yet rewarding time period of my professional life, and had I known the doors it would open, my uncertainly probably would’ve taken […]


The Best Websites to Find Freelance Work

Freelancing is a great way to do what you love while keeping a flexible work schedule. However, finding work can sometimes seem difficult if you’ve exhausted your one or two favorite job boards. Here are some of the most popular and well-respected websites for finding freelance work. If you haven’t checked out all of these […]


How Freelancing is a Lot Like Playing Grand Theft Auto

Ah, the Grand Theft Auto series. By now, it seems everyone and their neighbor’s grandmother has at least heard of it. Notoriously violent and “youth corrupting,” the entries in this series of video games have been villainized by the mainstream media while being touted as a form of evolved modern art by the gaming industry. […]


How to Set Prices for Your Freelance Business

You have decided to go into business for yourself or with a partner. You know which services you want to offer. So how do you know how much to charge for your services? You want to maximize your sales opportunities and at the same time you do not want to sell yourself short. Before creating […]