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Case Studies

  • OhHappyGirl

    Handmade (greeting cards+accessories)

    Password: owblea
    The development of a simple responsive Shopify store for a new small business. It is based on the designs provided by the client for 7 pages along with default Cart, My Account, Checkout layouts and an application Constant Contact for Marketing purposes. It took us 2 weeks of development. At the moment the client is populating the store with the content and preparing to go live. You’re welcome to check it using the password.

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  • Live


    Household Goods

    Redesign of responsive Shopify store for already working business. Development was based on Debute theme and designs provided by the client for 11 pages: Home page, List collection, Collection page, Product page, Cart, About Us, Why-bamboo, W3-Packaging, Account pages, Contact, FAQ. Timeline - 3 weeks of development. You can find this cool store of toilet paper that saves trees by the following link in live -

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  • Live

    Home Textiles

    Redesign of an old fashioned Shopify store. The client sent the designs for 7 pages (Home, Reviews, Gallery, FAQs, Technology, PLP, PDP). We implemented a BUY NOW box for a featured product to make the purchasing process even faster. Applications were used for the subscription form (Klaviyo) and reviews (Yotpo). The result was ready within 10 business days.

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  • Live



    The redesign of an amazing Shopify store for a small business. It is based on the designs provided by the client for 12 pages ( Home page, Product, Transdermal, Ingredients, Stress page, Who we are, FAQ, Articles, Collection, Shopping Cart, My Account etc). Our developers spent 3 weeks. You are welcome to check the live store about transdermal self-care soaks to fight back stress x)

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  • Live

    Abv (abv Group)


    The development of an amazing Shopify store for a new Canadian business. It is based on the designs provided by the client for 5 pages ( Home page, Product, Collection, Legal, FAQ page). One of the interesting features is the animated main menu on the header (check the mobile ver, it is fantastic!) and Mailchimp for the subscriptions. We delivered this site in 12 business days after scope approval! You are welcome to check the live wine-store.

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  • Live

    Printer’s Parts USA (PP USA)

    Industry Equipment

    This is a complex request for working business that included full cycle development: work on the design from scratch and further work on code. Development was based on the Debute theme using the most trends Shopify APPs. Timeline - 2.5 months of development. You can find this cool store of high-quality parts, supplies, consumables, and used equipment to the graphic arts industry by the following link in live -!

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  • Live



    A simple and elegant store for a lingerie brand. We had 14 pages to be developed. Including installation of Instafeed and MailChimp apps. 3 weeks later the client had a chance to review the result on our demo test store. As the store was launched, our team keeps helping the client with updates and website improvements for several months on an ad-hoc basis.

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Benefits for your business

“You don't need web design – you need us to have your Shopify happen.”

  1. User Experience Design icon

    User Experience Design

    Functional by design - this is our super power. We design clear wireframes, roadmaps, workflows to be converted easy-to-use and result-driven websites.

  2. Mobile First icon

    Mobile First

    Best mobile experience is our goal. The new era of user journeys, mobile traffic growth and clear communication regarding visual styles allows us to deliver the best mobile experience and results that better meet your customers’ expectations.

  3. Fast and reliable development icon

    Fast and reliable development

    Our highly trained Shopify developers are at the top of the list in the industry. From large enterprise projects to small Shopify sites – we have a wealth of experience unequaled by any other web development company.

  4. Best Price icon

    Best Price

    Pay less! The P2H flat organizational structure means you’re not paying for middle management overhead.

  5. Great Support icon

    Great Support

    With our custom client center, a project manager specifically dedicated to your project, and multiple ways to get in touch with us, we are always available when you need us.

  6. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    We are so confident that you will be absolutely satisfied with your project that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t. What other development company can offer that?

Our Shopify Development Workflow

“You don't need web design – you need us to have your Shopify happen.”

  1. Get in touch with us

    We will help you create a business brief.

  2. Business brief

    Briefly describe your business. A basic brief includes information about your niche as well as your branding color/colors and logo (if any), fonts (if any), product images (if any), and product descriptions (if any).

  3. Market & data analysis

    We create a detailed development plan for your particular project and estimate it.

  4. Project Details

    Our Project Manager will contact you with all details, quotes, visualized timeframes etc regarding your particular request.

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What our clients say

“You don't need web design – you need us to have your Shopify happen.”


Shopify Dev for Web Design & Development Agency

"Not once did we bring up a question or concern that they were unable to resolve."

Project Description

We came to P2H with 20-25 Mobile, Tablet and Desktop page designs that were created on the platform Figma. Our request was that the designs be developed on a Shopify Store.

Why Did You Choose PSD2HTML?

P2H was recommended to us. Their hands-on process stood out amongst competitors

Deadlines and Delivery

Before developing the site, the team reviewed our designs and got back to us with a trello board of questions. We loved this because it showed us that they thoroughly reviewed our design work and were well aware of Shopify limitations and could therfor forecast any issues we may face.

Once these questions were sorted out, we did not hear back from P2H again until the work was complete. It was done ahead of schedule and our QA team found maybe 1 or 2 very minor bugs that were only displaying on one specific browser.

From start to finish the project was a breeze and the team was so easy to work with. Any change requests we sent, they completed in a timely manner and handoff was so organized.


Our project manager setup a slack channel for us to communicate in and we have always received answers to our questions in a timely, helpful and friendly manner!

Areas for Improvement

On some projects we worked together on in the past, we felt QA could have been done more thoroughly. However, we've seen the process has improved over the past year!

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Shopify Dev for Brand Acquisition Company

"They were responsive and helpful in implementing post-delivery revisions. They're able to envision and replicate your design requirements."

Project Description

P2H designed and developed a functioning Shopify store with multilingual and multi-currency support. They were able to seamlessly customize a Shopify theme to match what was sent in our PSD file, and everything looks proper on all size of browsers and all types of devices.

Why Did You Choose PSD2HTML?

This vendor was internally sourced by someone else in the company.

Deadlines and Delivery

The project was completed a little overtime, but that was due to delays on our end. P2H was quick and efficient, plus helped with a couple minor revisions after the primary delivery.


I had primary contact with Oleh, the project manager. There were others in the team, but Oleh handled all the correspondence and was very responsive.

Areas for Improvement

No suggestions for improvement, I was very pleased with the entire process.

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Brand New Website for Integrated Compliance Mgmt Company

"Their work was superb so it made sense to work with them on a website."

Project Description

PSD2HTML took all of our designs (PSDs from our designer) and created pixel-perfect versions of them in WordPress.

Additionally, they created backend features to easily add and edit pages, and update everything easily. Now every option on every page can be easily tweaked without development assistant.

Why Did You Choose PSD2HTML?

I had come across PSD2HTML some time ago when looking for help with email templates and landing pages. Their work was superb so it made sense to work with them on a website.

We did a small project for a micro-site. It came out great. When it was time for the main site, we came back!


Oksana, our project management, was our main point of communication and coordinated with the front- and backend developers. She is simply AMAZING! Work got done fast, effectively, and with no errors. It was amazing. She's super responsive and truly is CLUTCH for us.

Areas for Improvement

Honestly, no. We could not be more pleased!

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