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Easter is coming! Enjoy the Easter game from PSD2HTML!

PSD2HTML team would like to sincerely wish you the warmest spring and for you and your close ones to be blessed during the upcoming Easter holiday as well as throughout the whole year! Take some time and enjoy the Easter weekend together with your family and loved ones. Meanwhile, PSD2HTML team’s Easter bunny prepared a […]


Top 14 Valentine’s Day Design Freebies

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Now is the time to share all your love with your clients and add a romantic tone to your designs, of course. To help you spread the love, we’ve hand-picked 14 free and fresh icons, cards, illustrations, and other wonderful design ideas. We hope that these valentine freebies will help […]


Pro Talks: Interview with a Graphic Designer and Illustrator Yulia Sokolova

Yulia Sokolova is a talented CG-artist, graphic designer, and the author of dozens of inspiring and helpful tutorials. Yulia has worked for companies like Envato, Disney, and We had the pleasure of talking to her about useful designers’ tools, resources, and skills. Hey, Yulia! Let’s skip the standard introductions. Where do you live? Is […]


20 Impressive Logos

A logo represents a business or brand, therefore it’s extremely important to create a memorable and creative logo design. So, we decided to start a week with a showcase of these awesome logo designs, hope some will inspire you! Enjoy!


My Link Between Music and the Visual Arts

may be a graphic artist, but I was born to two musicians who can’t seem to draw the simplest of things, yet their love of acoustic guitars and grand pianos was passed directly to me. I’ve played in many bands, written and produced many songs, and even owned a recording studio for a while last year. Eventually, however, my passion for creating music waned and I found myself again pursuing the visual arts exclusively, though I work closely with the music industry. They may seem like very different mistresses to keep, but I’ve found many similarities between them. <!--more-->


How To Remove The Background of an Image Using Photoshop

One of the most desirable functions of Photoshop seems to be the ability to remove backgrounds from an image. Now, like most processes you can pull off within the software, there are several ways to go about it and every seasoned pro seems to have their own way. I’m here to share my methods, so whether you need to chop out some product images for a website or you just always wanted to see your grandmother riding on top of a velociraptor which happens to be breathing atomic explosions, you’ll know the ropes...thanks to this here tutorial. Read on! <!--more-->


A Quick Productivity Mind Hack!

The reason I used the above example of not getting work done is because it sums up a lot of procrastinators moment to moment. In the past, I’ve read that procrastinators aren’t normally doing nothing; they’re just doing something of much less importance than their intended tasks. With a whole world of information and social interaction at our finger tips, it can be very difficult to pull ourselves away and get things done sometimes. But why is that? <!--more-->


5 Aspects of Great Logo Design

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we also know that everyone does it anyway. For your brand, your logo is the equivalent of a book’s cover, so its importance cannot be overestimated. Your logo is the first impression of your company, so it needs to be a good one. […]