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What You Can Do to Fix Issues With the Default Shopify Email Notifications

Shopify provides online merchants with a selection of email notification templates. Unfortunately, these notifications are not free from quirks when displayed on certain platforms and email clients. Read this post to learn what you can do to fix those issues and how PSD2HTML can help you achieve the best result.

Dmitriy Maschenko

Delivery Director at PSD2HTML

Icon Fonts vs SVG Icons: What Works Best for You?

It's impossible to imagine modern web pages without icons. They're used everywhere: in product descriptions, contact details, and many other page elements. Two popular options for implementing icons are Icon Fonts and SVG Icons. What are their benefits and drawbacks? Which to choose for your own website? This post should give you all the answers.

Alex Kopp

Business Development Manager

Webflow Development: A New Service from PSD2HTML

We have some great news for you. PSD2HTML has just launched a new service - Webflow development. Read this post to find out what benefits you can get by ordering it and how you can save some cash into the bargain.

Dmitriy Maschenko

Delivery Director at PSD2HTML