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Why Creating an E-Commerce Site with Drupal 8/9 and Drupal Commerce Is a Good Idea: 5 Reasons

Learn why creating an e-commerce website with Drupal 8/9 and Drupal Commerce is the right decision. Looking for a suitable platform to build an online store? Among many possible choices, Drupal 8/9 coupled with the Drupal Commerce extension is one of the best options, hands down. In this post, we explain what benefits your business […]


How Drupal 8 Makes Your Website Accessible

Our civilization has come a long way in terms of human rights protection. Over the past few decades, most developed countries have made tremendous progress in the fight against the horrendous prejudices based in race, gender, or age discrimination. One of the success stories our society can proudly add to its credits is also the […]


Web Accessibility is More Relevant Than You Think

As the world’s population ages and more and more people use the internet, the need for accessibility grows. Not only does your website and application need to adapt to different browsers and speeds, it needs to adapt to the needs of those with visual, hearing, or other impairments. That’s why web accessibility is rapidly becoming […]


Importance of Web Accessibility

Understanding that the visitors of your site can encounter various problems is a quality that each professional web developer needs to possess. Many people cannot even imagine their lives without Internet these days. It provides access to news, email, online purchasing, fun activities, etc. Most newspapers, for example, publish their content online, and it’s an […]