What CMS to Choose for Your Website: PSD2HTML Recommends

What CMS to Choose for Your Website: PSD2HTML Recommends

A content management system (CMS) is a convenient tool for building websites for all intents and purposes. The number of commercial and free CMSs available on the market may strike someone who has never worked with them before as overwhelming. What’s even more confusing is that many of those platforms seem to address identical tasks. 

How can you make the correct choice with so many solutions offered to you? To answer this question, consider what your ultimate goal is: Do you need an online store, a simple blog, a job board, or something else? PSD2HTML has implemented thousands of projects based on various CMSs. So, we know for sure what platform will suit our clients’ needs.

Here is a short review of the most popular CMSs and their primary areas of application. We hope it will help you pick the best tool for promoting your business in a highly competitive online space.


WordPress home page

This CMS is definitely one of the most versatile platforms out there. Many people believe that it’s only used for blogging, but it’s actually not limited to that. WordPress can serve as the basis for many different types of websites.

WordPress site types

What features make WordPress so popular? It would take a separate post to discuss all WP’s virtues. Let’s list some of them here:

WordPress main benefits

Thanks to those and other characteristics, many widely-known and reputable websites like The New York Times have WordPress as their foundation. 

PSD2HTML developers have implemented thousands of WordPress projects. We are WordPress certified plugin developers, experts in WooCommerce theming, and can customize any WP extension or plugin exactly to your requirements.

JOOMLA!Joomla! home page

Another great tool for publishing web content. One of the most distinctive features of this free CMS is its easy-to-use graphical interface. It comprises a huge number of screens, controls, menus, and options to manage any content-related tasks. All of the functionality is standardized. That means you can learn to use various Joomla! features fairly quickly. 

Also notable is the Joomla! user registration and management systems. They are simple to use and built right into the CMS’s core. If you find that the default access levels are not sufficient for your goals, you can always add new ones by using customized permission settings.

Joomla! gives you almost unrestricted freedom in how you can use templates on your website’s pages. One template is not enough? Install one, two, three, or any number of additional templates. Need different-looking headers on your Home and About pages? Use the Joomla! interface to select the required design settings. 

What makes Joomla! truly attractive to businesses all over the globe is its international language support. It’s amazingly flexible: 

  • Choose from a long list of languages 
  • Set a specific language for a specific user 
  • Create content or navigation elements for a group of languages

Here are the main reasons why businesses and individuals choose Joomla!: 

  • A site has a complicated navigation structure with many menus and controls. 
  • User registration is the top priority. The site owner wants to restrict access to their content. 
  • A business website has a private “Client Area.”
  • A business site is accessed by staff who speak multiple languages. 
  • A website has content in multiple languages. 
  • A website has multiple sections with differently designed pages. 

PSD2HTML has implemented more than 1,300 Joomla! projects over the years. So, if you need a website built on the basis of this CMS, we have all the required expertise at your service.


Drupal home page

This browser-based solution is a good choice for very complex websites with a huge amount of content and heavy traffic. The principal feature that helps Drupal stand out from the crowd is its well-developed modular system. It includes many thousands of modules contributed by an army of programmers worldwide. Here are just some of them: 

  • Google Analytics 
  • ShareThis 
  • Calendar plugins 

These and other modules provide almost unlimited room for customization. It’s not only the large array of modules that attracts users to Drupal, though.

Top Drupal benefits

These features make Drupal a preferred solution for the following types of websites:

Principal Drupal site types

Examples of Drupal-based resources include General Electric, Tesla Motorsand United States Institute of Peace.

The PSD2HTML team can always help you in building your Drupal website: we have developed over 1,700 Drupal projects. Our developers can modify existing Drupal modules to suit your corporate needs or create custom modules from scratch. We can also take care of configuring, optimizing, and stabilizing your website for higher performance, as well as theme it any way you want.   


We hope this rundown of the most popular CMSs will serve as a reference whenever you are choosing an optimal solution for your project. Whichever platform you finally select, the highly skilled PSD2HTML developers are always ready to turn your ideas into a beautiful reality. 

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