7 jQuery Plugins to Display Your Videos

Web developers are increasingly using jQuery to quickly change the way HTML behaves on their web sites. Creating and/or embedding videos on web sites is a great way for your readers see your words come to life. Therefore, having jQuery plugins that can quickly help your web sites be video ready can really help so that you can focus on other tasks. Here are seven jQuery plugins that will aid in the way you bring video into your web sites:

Video Lightbox

Video Lightbox allows you to embed videos without having to remember any code. It works with both Windows and Mac. To install, you download it on your computer system and it quickly opens up. You can embed videos from popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Additionally, you can also embed videos from your computer system because it has a built-in FTP. Video Lightbox has several templates for the way the displayed video and accompanying thumbnail.


YoxView is a cross-browser picture and video viewer that you can quickly set up on your web site as well. It can embed videos from the popular video sites, like Video Lightbox. This jQuery plugin is great if you also want to display your photographs. It supports the two main photo web sites, Flickr and Picasa. With YoxView, you can create slideshows that can be compiled of both videos and pictures. To install and start using YoxView, there is a help file that was created.


JLEMBED lets you use shortcode to embed videos on your web site. In addition to videos, you can also use it as a simple audio player. All you have to do is download it on your FTP site, and then use the proper code to display video and audio. For instance, if you wanted to embed a YouTube video, you would just use the following code:

$(“#example-player”).jlEmbed({ youtube : ‘lO7JvMsjfjQ’ });

One thing about JLEMBED that is also helpful is that you can embed several videos as a playlist or multiple instances of the player.

CJ Image Video Previewer

CJ Image Video Previewer allows your site visitors to preview your video thumbnails without having to click on an individual video. The neat thing about CJ Image Video Previewer is that you do not have to find the preview images that your site visitors will see by yourself. It automatically does it by just viewing the video link.


JQUERY.WEBCAM allows web sites to read information from your site visitors’ web cams. For security purposes, it asks if you want to allow the site to access your web cam. When you agree, the site quickly displays the video coming from your web cam. It uses Flash for the web cam display.

Multimedia Portfolio

If you want to display a portfolio of videos, audio, and images, then you want to check out this jQuery plugin. Multimedia Portfolio recognizes the extension of the video/audio/image, and select the appropriate player for it. To do this, you will have to enter a list of links labeled for the jQuery plugin, and Multimedia Portfolio will do the rest.


CeeBox is another video player that also allows you to embed images as well. To use this jQuery plugin, you need to also install the swfobject jquery plugin. After installing the second plugin and the scripts, that is the last coding that you have to do. All that you need is the video (or image) URL.

Vlogging is becoming more popular each day, so with these jquery plugins, you can quickly embed your videos without any hard work.

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