10 Websites with Slick Video Backgrounds


There is a growing trend for using video backgrounds within desktop and laptop designs. If “a picture paints a thousand words” then a video writes an entire book. Video can surpass still photos when it comes to setting the mood, conveying an emotion, and enhancing a band’s image. Because many mobile users must still pay for data usage, it’s not a good idea to incorporate background video into your mobile designs. However, for desktop sites, it can be the difference between a website that is just so-so and one that is just awesome. Here are ten of our favorite websites that incorporate background video in their design.

1. Pastamancini uses background videos of their wheat fields, their factory, their pasta, and the chefs who cook their products. The videos reinforce the company’s commitment to producing all natural, high-quality products. To keep things fresh, a new video loads with each visit to the site.


2. Toggl takes a light-hearted approach. Their video uses children to make the point that while they take time tracking very seriously, they don’t take themselves seriously. It’s a highly creative way to make a rather dry product memorable.


3. Newrow. When your company is known for innovation, your website must be innovative as well. Newrow has incorporated split screen videos to show how their platform allows varied groups of people to connect. It’s a perfect visual representation of product relevance.


4. DSNMFG. Based in Austin, Texas, DSNMFG is in the business of designing and manufacturing amazing brand experiences. The background video on the DSNMFG home page shows scenes that depict the entire process from design to fabrication to installation.


5. The Yacht Company. Y.Co makes clever use of video to show that yachting is about much more than just being on a boat, it’s a total experience on the water. The background videos portray couples, families, and individuals enjoying luxury and adventure as part of the same experience.


6. Present Plus. If you’re a creative production and film studio, you make videos. Video is what you do. It is only natural that the Present Plus website would highlight examples of their video work.


7. Ditto Residential. Boutique developer, Ditto, uses background video to reinforce that their extraordinary spaces are built for ordinary people. The minimalist design of the site is reinforced by the minimalist interiors featured in the videos.


8. Focal Point Homes. HGTV, Zillow, and Trulia have conditioned home buyers to look for video and Focal Point Homes delivers. Interiors, exteriors, and children at play give the video scenes a homey feel.


9. Molekule. The video background must be working because this direct to consumer retailer of air purifiers has completely sold out of two full production runs. Molekule uses video to promote a feeling of cleanliness, serenity, and freshness; all qualities you want from an air purifier.


10. Bill Byron Wines. We started the round-up with pasta so we’ve got to end with wine. Bill Byron Wines uses a time-lapse background video that sets a serene, organic, and natural feel. The vineyard fields are the star of the show. Since you can’t have wine without vineyards, it just makes sense.


Video is a powerful tool that can help create awesome websites that are engaging and contribute to a positive user experience. The ever-evolving web is demanding dynamic websites and we hope this collection has inspired you to deliver. Do you have a favorite design that incorporates background videos? Let us know–we’d love to see it.

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