Our Infrastructure. Your Team!

Working with PSD2HTML® on retainer will save you tons of time, money, and
more importantly, give you the best development team you can find.

Dedicated Development Teams

Our Infrastructure

There is no one with more experience than PSD2HTML®. For more than 8 years, our hundreds of employees have handled thousands clients and thousands of projects – no one is better and more experienced than we are. Our company is set up to succeed, which means you are set up to exceed.

Cost Effective

Save from hundreds to millions of dollars annually. Not only are you getting the best developers and the best infrastructure, your dedicated team will also save your company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars annually.

World Class Developers

We have hundreds of the best and most experienced developers in the industry hands down. They have years of experience, have been trained in-house, and have worked on thousands of projects, doing this for years, day in and day out. You can't find talent like this anywhere else.

Here are our Top 6 most commonly asked questions

  1. Can I just hire one developer?

    Unfortunately, we cannot just contract out one developer on a monthly dedicated plan. Through our 8 years of experience, we have found the best project results involve project managers and a quality assurance team. This helps client and developer communications and also guarantees project success.

  2. How many hours does each person work per week?

    Each developer is required and guaranteed to work for you a minimum of 40 hours per work week.

  3. What is the minimum monthly budget for a dedicated team?

    Every package and monthly plan is custom built for each client, as all clients have unique requirements; however, our plans start at around $15,000 monthly.

  4. Will I be able to communicate directly with my team and developers?

    Unfortunately, no. Our development process is something that has taken us years to develop and perfect. We find it best for clients, project time-frames, and to get the highest quality project it is best to work with a project manager rather than working directly with the developer.

  5. Is there a minimum amount of time for which I can hire a dedicated team?

    We have a 6 month minimum for monthly contracts. Putting together a custom team and getting everyone trained and on the same page is a lot of work and takes many hours on our end. Doing this for a shorter term than 6 months is not effective.

  6. Do I have to sign a contract?

    Yes, we do have dedicated team contract; it's pretty standard. It details about what we offer, payment terms, contract time, etc.

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