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Your Weekly Inspiration

Please see this week’s compilation of articles for your inspiration. We hope you find something that is of interest to you.

Funny and Creative Wall Stickers


Check out this amazing showcase of wall stickers that can not only brighten up your room, but will give you inspiration for your new creations.

Simple Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog


If you have a blog and you want more people to know about it, then check out these great tips on how to attract readers to your blog.

25 Tutorials for Creating Detailed Graphical Text Effects


Great showcase of tutorials for creating detailed graphical text, that includes tips that will become handy not only when creating text, but design also.

105 Photoshop Textures For Designers


Nowadays textures are an important part of design. Check out this list of Photoshop textures that you may find useful.

The Future Of CSS: Experimental CSS Properties


Very informative resource that talks about the CSS properties that are underestimated and deserve more attention and recognition.

Building Mobile Web Apps the Right Way: Tips and Techniques


Mobile web apps serve as a nice alternative to native apps for mobile devices. Check out this article to pick up some tips and techniques on how to build mobile web apps the right way.

20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers


Blogging can become quite a lengthy and complicated process. Check out these blogging tools and applications that will make the process less difficult and more pleasant.

The web designer’s guide to a happier life


Designers are very busy people and sometimes it’s hard to find time for anything except work. Check out this guide to a happier life, and maybe you will be able to find a way to balance your time a little bit better.

The Origins of User Interface Terms


A very interesting article on how humans tend to learn new things by associating them with already existing items. The author did a great job compiling UI elements/terminologies which were inspired from real-life objects, to make things simpler for the user.

Budding Logo Design Trends for 2011


Check out these awesome logo designs for 2011 for your inspiration.

Effective Use of Twitter for Designers


Check out how you can use your Twitter account to not only socialize with your friends, but also promote your business.

Minimalist Design: A Brief History and Practical Tips


Minimalist design is definitely “in” these days. Check out this article to find out what minimalist design is, where it came from, and the right approach to it, along with some examples for your inspiration.

If there are any other articles you found impressive this week, please share!

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