Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Online Store

Why Choose Magento for Your Online Store

Before we start our journey into Magento, there is one thing we can tell you for sure: you are here because you want your online store business to succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you are about to launch your first online store or you want to improve an existing one — you have certain needs that Magento is bound to satisfy. As it was created purely for managing online stores, its main purpose is to list and sell the product in your stock. However, a competent Magento development team can create additional pages for your store and integrate it with third-party applications that will create a richer experience for your customer.


Why is Magento so popular with e-commerce entrepreneurs? Well, one thing is always true: Magento has a great number of pros that help entrepreneurs all over the world take their business to the next level of excellence. Let’s have a glimpse at the main factors for success.

Managing Products Has Never Been Simpler

Magento allows you to use the dashboard to manage everything related to your online store in one place: product prices, categories, sales and discounts, shipping prices, etc. Using the dashboard, you can easily manage your products, add reviews and overviews, increase the number of products available, and expand your online store. If you have several stores, fear not: Magento dashboard can manage them all in one place. 


You can set different user roles to manage their access to certain parts of the website and/or dashboard by granting read/write permissions as necessary. This is often considered to be one of the main features of Magento as it makes the process of managing access effortless.  

A Diverse Set Of Tools For Marketing Campaigns

With Magento, you can create sales, coupons, offer supplementary items and free shipping under certain conditions, send emails with a particular CTA (Call To Action), and even create one-pagers for campaigns. Moreover, you can encourage users to browse related products by adding prompts to product and/or checkout pages. Additionally, you get detailed reports on your store’s performance to help you design an efficient marketing campaign. 

Reasons to choose Magento for your online store

Considering that integrating with external services and apps is made simple with Magento, you are free to choose whichever payment system you find the best and integrate with it as fast as possible, be it PayPal or anything else. Besides payment systems, you can integrate your store with EBay, MailChimp, Google Analytics, and many more.

SEO That Actually Works

Magento supports creating SEO-friendly URLs for products, metadata, title tagging, etc. Additionally, Magento provides online store owners with various ways to increase the number of internal links. Besides that, you can create a list of the most popular items in your store. You can be sure about one thing: Magento was created to be SEO-efficient, so it is guaranteed to satisfy your SEO needs.

Mobile-Friendly Approach With No Effort

Considering that smartphone users browse mobile e-commerce websites for an average of five minutes, you need to stun them with a seamless and intuitive Magento user experience within the first seconds of their visit. For instance, shopping carts in Magento online stores are built responsively, which means that they feel seamless regardless of the device used.


A team of true Magento professionals can help you take advantage of all the Magento benefits listed above and many more. Choosing such a team has to be a wise decision. At PSD2HTML, we believe that our mission is making your e-commerce enterprise successful.

Basic Integration

We make sure that each and every Magento theme can be easily customized later on. Basic integration includes coding of Checkout, Cart, My Account, Search page, Catalog, CMS page, and 404 pages. We develop a PSD to Magento theme based on your designs.

Custom Development

We can handle any scope of work and adapt to any process. Feel free to unleash your creativity, then give us the Magento theme you’ve chosen and we will perform the PSD to Magento conversion flawlessly. Our specialists will make sure that your final result will operate smoothly.


If you have a request that doesn’t involve an entire team (for instance, when only a front-end developer is required), we can assist you with this as well.

Development & Work With External Extensions

We do more than Magento theme creation; we also create modules and integrate external extensions. The Magento Marketplace is extremely diverse with thousands of custom extensions available. We offer the latest best-practice extensions to extend your store’s functionality.

Are you ready to shape the future of your e-commerce enterprise? Feel free to reach out to us to get answers to any questions you may have, or to make a step towards starting a fruitful business relationship with us. 

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