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Search Your Feelings, Fellow Developers. Which Star Wars Character Are You Really Like?

Search Your Feelings, Fellow Developers. Which Star Wars Character Are You Really Like?

Have you always fancied yourself as an honorable Luke Skywalker or a dashing Han Solo in the workplace? Well, our fun quiz might reveal that you’re actually more into the Dark Side than you might realize. Are you ready to find out which Star Wars personality you are most like?

You are Luke Skywalker

Is anybody more dedicated to their job than you? You’re the model designer – honest, dedicated, and trustworthy, if not slightly smug at times. You’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done to a high standard, and you’re willing to learn new skills to improve your knowledge. Open-source software and free apps and tools are like friends to you. But seriously dude, remember to take some time off occasionally, okay?

You are Darth Vader

We quake in front of you, Lord Vader! You’re a born project leader – tough, committed, and at times, a little intimidating. You select your methodology and stick to it, even though it might not always work. Never one to shy away from big problems, you tackle even complex projects head-on, and you can be ruthless in your approach. However, start embracing teamwork a little more, and you could find you’re a great boss in the making… under that scary exterior!

You are Princess Leia

Outspoken, feisty, and strong-willed; that’s you in a nutshell. Your knowledge of software development and code theory is strong, but actually, you often prefer communicating with clients and meeting customer expectations. You’re strategic, decisive, and more than a little grumpy if people question your ability to do the job properly. But one thing’s for sure, you’re great at winning over clients and delivering results. Whether or not you look great in a gold bikini, we can’t comment.

You are R2-D2

Talk about cheerful! You’re a “whistle-while-you-work” kind of person, and you’re full of energy which makes you a joy to have on any creative project. However, you might need some guidance now and then. Learning is second nature to you, and you’re always signing up for the latest coding courses or online tutorials. You’re smart, innovative, and one of the hardest-working developers in the galaxy. Man, you’re good!

You are Boba Fett

There’s always one renegade, and that’s you. You like to do things differently, don’t you? You scoff at rules and regimes and you loathe working with others. But one thing is certain – you get the job done. In fact, you won’t quit until you’ve finished the project, even if it kills you… and you deliver astonishing results. You’re something of an enigma in the workplace, and your colleagues can’t quite figure you out. A little bit of teamwork never hurt anyone, remember that!

You are Han Solo

Chilled out, witty, and a little immature at times, you’re always entertaining to work with. However, your laid-back attitude conceals the fact that you’ve got a lot of experience and you’re extremely good at what you do. Most people know that it’s not a good idea to try to pin you to a deadline. You don’t do deadlines, and you don’t appreciate it when people try to tell you what to do. But leave you to your own devices, and you’ll do a great job, with considerable flair and plenty of charm.

You are Yoda

The most technologically savvy and wise beyond measure, you bring something really valuable to the table: a wealth of coding experience. You might not be the best person to communicate with stakeholders, but no one will ever argue your opinion when it comes to building stuff. Your code is flawless and works like a charm. Share your knowledge with the world!

Are you a Mac or Windows kind of a person?

I prefer the purity and integrity of the Mac.

I cannot believe you even asked me that question. Mac, of course.

I’m a more practical Windows sort of person.

I’ll go with both, I’ve got flexibility!

I’m with the hackers, I rock Linux.

I refuse to be defined by what system I use. I’m a free spirit.

Which web browser gets your vote?

Chrome is reliable, smooth, and honed to perfection. I’ll remain loyal to it until the end.

I choose the superior power of Safari.

The new Edge is pretty…well…edgy. I like living on the edge.

I’ll just go along with whatever suits the moment.

I’ll use whatever everyone else isn’t. I don’t follow trends.

What’s the easiest browser to use at the moment? I’ll go with that.

Pick a code editor… which would you choose?

Sublime Text – for its masterful use of the force. The editing force, that is.

Give me Atom or Vim. They both have suitably dangerous sounding names.

CoffeeCup. It gets the job done and it doesn’t mess around.

BBEdit – fast, effective, and punchy. That’s how I roll.

Whatever. I don’t have a favorite one.

Notepad++. I need something that can reliably get me out of a tight squeeze.

Now let’s talk code. Are you an “over-commenter” or an “under-commenter?”

I produce beautiful comments, designed to help others.

Real coding masters require no comments.

Sure, I’ll provide some useful comments to help improve the work.

I’ll use the occasional comment to help people keep up with me. I’m a whiz at coding, you know.

Comments take too long. They’re boring. They suck. Ask me another question.

I might add a witty comment or two, just to lighten the mood.

Where would you most like to work? (Tatooine and Naboo are taken, we’re afraid.)

My powers of coding and design mean I’m able to work from virtually anywhere.

In my office. In complete silence. With no (and I mean no) interruptions.

In a busy office, where I can easily chat with clients and colleagues.

I like working around others, as long as they don’t mind me whistling while I work.

I’m a lone wolf. I work on my own.

Give me a coffee, a comfy couch, and access to YouTube and I don’t care.

Do you focus on one task at a time, or do you like to do many projects at once?

It’s important to focus your powers on one thing at a time.

I plan each task meticulously. Then do them at a time that suits me.

I’m all for careful planning, but I can multi-task if needed.

I’m often all over the place, juggling loads of projects. But I always come out on top.

Tasks? Projects? What are they? Man, I work on stuff I enjoy…when I want to.

I can take on a few jobs, when I’m not distracted by other things.

Going collaborative… or striking out solo?

The power of many, if you’re all working for the greater good, is an awesome thing.

I work alone. But naturally, I have my minions do the more menial tasks.

I like working as a team. Though sometimes, they can annoy me when they don’t listen to my ideas.

I love being part of a team – it’s so exciting working with others!

I never work with others; you can guarantee they’ll mess up.

I’ll work with a team, as long as they don’t try to push me around.

Life after code… what do you do when you’re not busy coding?

I’m dedicated to coding, but I like to hang out with my friends too.

When I’m not coding, I’m plotting how to take over the world.

I love what I do, so I’ll probably start thinking about my next project!

I’ll go for a run somewhere. Maybe burn off some of my energy.

Plot how I can gather up more clients, maybe? Shoot down some competitors?

I’ll be sleeping. Or at the local coffee shop. Somewhere where the clients can’t reach me, anyway.

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