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We hope everyone had a productive week and is ready for a relaxing weekend. This week’s compilation of inspirational articles is here! Please enjoy your reading and have a great weekend!

Flash Isn’t Dead Yet!

It’s alive! Check out this article that claims flash isn’t dead yet and backs it up with some awesome examples!

Essential Elements of a Design Agency Website Layout (with 30 examples)

If you’re thinking of starting a design agency, this article will definitely come in handy. Check out some essential elements of a design agency website layout. Great examples are also included!

29 Excellent iPad Apps for Photographers

Photography lovers, this article is just for you. Check out some useful iPad apps that will help you improve your photography.

29 WordPress Tweaks To Improve Posts And Pages

Great compilation of tweaks for post management that will not only improve your posts and pages, but also your overall experience using wordpress.

7 Blog Design Tips from a Content Strategist

Improve your blogging content strategy with these useful tips.

8 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Designs

Fresh fonts are always a great help to any designer. Check out this great compilation of fresh free fonts that can be used in your designs.

The 10 principles of interaction design

Learn more about interaction design and its principles.

The History of Social Media

Social media is really popular these days, but do we really know how it evolved. Click the link to learn about the history of social media.

30 Simply Funny T-shirt design Illustrations by Glenn Jones

Very cool list of T-shirt design illustrations. You will probably want one after looking through these.

27 More Outstanding Resume Designs – Part II

Check out this list of outstanding resume designs, which will definitely be a great source of inspiration for you!

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