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We are all excited for Friday, and not only because the weekend is upon us, but also because weekly compilation of articles for your inspiration is out! Enjoy! Have an amazing weekend!!!

Amazing 3D-like Animated Photos

Some amazing 3D Animated photos that will captivate you.

45 Brilliant Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

Augmented Reality apps for your I-phone. Capturing the future for you today.

70+ Inspirational Examples of Websites Designed With HTML5

Get inspired by HTML5 by exploring these Website examples.

Drunk Driving Thrills but it kills: Get the word out [infographics]

Serious Infographic about the reality of DUI. Pass the word.

30 Helpful CSS Cheat Sheets

So much work, so little time. Relax, check out these CSS cheat sheets to help you.

Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition

The Annual Free WordPress Theme Showcase: 2011 is here for you.

The Medium Is The Message

Check out this excellent update on Marshal McLuhan’s infamous “The Medium is the Message”

Building the 3D Web

It died, it came back to life with a vengeance and now it’s everywhere! Learn more about 3D technology for the Web.

How Focusing on Today’s Work is Costing You Tomorrow’s

What is a “short term freelancer”? Read this in order to avoid turning into one.

15 Useful Web Apps for Designers

Become more productive with these handy Web App’s.

Developing Streamlined and Efficient CSS Styles

Here are some helpful tips to developing efficient, streamlined css styles.

20 New Examples of Minimal Websites

Do you believe minimal websites are the new black? Check out this article to see.

10 Most Asked Interview Questions: How to Tackle Them

How will you tackle the top 10 interview questions? Read this to learn how.

Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

Some beautiful examples of bringing photo’s to life with cinemagraph.

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