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Weekly Dose of Inspiration

There are a lot of ways to get inspired, such as going for walks, museums, galleries, etc. We try to help you with your inspirational enlightenment, and this week is no exception. Please enjoy these new articles that may just inspire you when you need it.

New Examples of Large Typography in Web Design


Typography lovers! Check out this cool compilation of new examples of large typography in web design.

How To Create a Retro Café Racer Motorcycle Ad Design


Nice tutorial on how to create a retro cafe racer motorcycle design. Great source of inspiration.

50 Color-Creative Website Designs


Amazing collection of color creative website designs. It will definitely serve as a great source of inspiration.

Top 10 Pro-Fonts to spark some creativity in you


Everyone needs new fonts for projets. Check out these top 10 fonts which will definitely inspire you.

The 3 stages of design maturity


How old are you in design years? Want to find out, check out these 3 stages of design maturity.

11 jQuery Plugins That Can Enhance Your Typography


Yet another post on typography, but it just can’t get old. If you want to enhance your typography, check out these 11 jQuery plugins.

CSS3 Image Styles


Check out this cool tutorial on how to use jQuery to make perfect rounded corner images dynamically.

Introduction to Defensive Web Design


What is defensive web design? Check out this article to find out and see some examples.

Showcase of Character & Mascot Use in Web Design


Remember your mascot in college? Well, now mascots have also become popular in web design. Check out this showcase that illustrates the use of illustrated character in web design.

Responsive Image Gallery


Learn how to create a responsive image gallery with a thumbnail carousel.

Your input is always greatly appreciated. Please share your thoughts and comments. Where do you find inspiration?

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