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Weekly Compilation for Your Inspiration

We are excited to announce that we are starting a weekly compilation of the articles that, we think, deserve your attention. This way you will be able to get some tips, enjoy impressive designs, and hopefully get inspired. Check us out every Friday for the list of remarkable articles!

Here are this week’s articles for your attention:

35+ Beautiful Mini Business Cards for Inspiration


Everyone likes to stand out and be noticed in one way or another, especially when it comes to business. This article provides you with the example of various outstanding business cards, that will not only help you promote your business but also express yourself.

10 Photography Tips from a Self-Taught Photographer


Great article for those of you behind the camera lens. Isaac Gube, a self-taught photographer is sharing some valuable photography tips that he has learned along the way.

Banana Carvings of Zombies, Superheroes & Dragons


This article presents impressive and fun banana carvings of monsters, dragons, and superheroes. If you feel that you’ve seen it all, check this out.

10 Sites To Download Any Kind of Developer Cheat Sheet


All of us may need a cheat sheet from time to time. This article features a list of websites that provide great resources for web designers and web developers. Check it out, you may find something useful for yourself.

Make Your Content Make a Difference


One can never stress enough how important the content is. This well written article reveals most common content problems, and more importantly provides useful solution to them.

40 Upcoming Design, Development & Social Media Conferences Worth Attending


It is very important to attend various conferences in order to broaden your horizons, share and exchange your knowledge with the like-minded people. This post will give you a schedule of upcoming design, development, and social media conferences along with a brief description.

Lessons from mobile web design


This very informative article shows the lessons that can be learned from the optimization that takes place on the mobile web.

30 Examples of Websites Using HTML5


HTML 5 has been a hot topic in numerous articles, presentations, etc. Check out an impressive showcase of websites that use HTML 5.

Mobile Web Design: 10 Tips To Better Usability


Give this article a read, if you want to learn great mobile web design tips for better usability.

30 Beautiful Single Page Website Designs


A website doesn’t necessarily have to have many pages in order to be impressive. Here is a showcase of thirty beautiful single page website designs for your inspiration that may serve as proof.

If there are any other articles that you found interesting and inspiring, or if you have any comments, you are welcome to share!

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