Websites Every Designer Should Bookmark

The list of online resources for designers is vast. There are all kinds of helpful websites, from typeface directories to online applications to digital publications. The following websites are all well trusted and hugely helpful to any designer looking to improve their technique, a particular project, or overall business practices. If you haven’t already, make sure to visit each one and bookmark them so you can return often.

Smashing Magazine

To stay relevant as a designer, you need to be on top of the latest trends, news, and tools emerging from your field. Smashing is a huge online publication that can be hugely helpful for graphic and web designers. It highlights new tools, techniques, websites, resources, and much more. As a designer, you should always be learning more and more to improve your work, and Smashing is a great place to start your search for more knowledge.

Lovely Charts

Charts, diagrams, sitemaps, wireframes, flowcharts – these are all things you might find yourself creating at some point, and Lovely Charts is a great place to do that easily. This site is an online diagramming application that uses a simple drag and drop process to create good-looking charts without the tedium of drawing lines, boxes, and arrows. Best of all, it’s free to sign up.


Looking for feedback on your website? Working on a collaborative web design project and need a way to visually convey your opinions on the site? Notable is an easy way for teams to provide feedback on websites. With a number of different plans available, Notable allows you to manage who can view your site changes, view a timeline of design pages, and even view your pages from different computers. Plans and pricing vary, so check the website for more info.


Typography is a huge aspect of any design project, and DaFont is a huge resource for finding fonts. Browse by category, find new designs, or even submit your own typeface. With over 11,000 different fonts to choose from, you’re bound to find one that’s worth a download.

Color Scheme Designer

This incredible online tool allows you to choose any color and create a variety of complementary color schemes for your website or other design project. It also helps to put your color scheme into a website template. The website has a very simple layout that allows you to browse a color wheel and instantly view your colors on the opposite side of the page.


Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool for designers. There are always new techniques and tricks to learn, and PS Hero is a great tool for finding useful tutorials and tips for everything Photoshop. Also featuring an inspiration gallery, freebies, and other goodies, PSHero is the premiere site for learning about one of the most helpful and innovative design tools in existence.

Texture Lovers

Colors and text are great, but sometimes your website or design project could use a bit more. If you’re looking to add another dimension to your site, you can browse the huge variety of textures at this site. Fabric, nature, technology, and many other varieties are accounted for on this site.

Designers are busy people, so staying up-to-date with the latest news, tools, and trends in the industry can sometimes seem time-consuming. Keeping a short list of helpful sites can help to save time, energy, and sanity. But there are so many great resources available, so this list is just a good place to start. Do you have a favorite website that has helped you in your work?


  1. Ben Giordano Oct 19, 2010

    Great list guys. My favorites are Lovely Charts and Texture Lovers. I will no doubt be using both of those.

  2. John Abay Sep 22, 2015

    All this information are very useful to me and i am prefer all this points. i personally feel that i want to improve my web design after reading this post.

  3. Farhan F Dec 06, 2015

    Sources of great value for any designer.

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