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Website Abandonment – How to Keep Visitors From Leaving Your Website.

Getting traffic is half the battle…keeping that traffic is an entirely different story.

You may have a great product, an award-winning website design, and even stellar content, but if people are leaving your website before they click the “buy” button, you may have a problem with website abandonment.

Do you know why visitors are leaving your site?

Some people will never be interested in your product or services and will leave regardless. Others will simply browse for the purpose of browsing.

But, a percentage of your visitors will be looking for what you offer and those are the people you must keep on your site long enough to convert.

Here are some of the most common problems that contribute to website abandonment:

Slow Load Time

Studies show that if your website does not load in about 4 seconds, your visitors will not sit around and wait. Would you?

Ad Heavy

Is your main content blurred by too many ads? Excessive advertisements distract and confuse your visitors.

What is your purpose for your website? Stay focused with one centralized message and keep ads away from the elements that lead to conversions.

You Do Not Know Your Audience

If you don’t know to whom you are marketing, you won’t keep your visitors’ interest because you won’t be speaking directly to them.

The first step is to create a marketing persona for the types of people you service. When you become intimately acquainted with your audience, you will know their basic needs and problems. If a visitor finds an easy solution to his/her problem, abandonment will be a non-issue.

No Cohesive Message

Once you know your audience, you can tailor your message appropriately. Take a look at your website images and content.

Do your images speak directly to your audience? Is your content easy to read?

Your content should be simple to follow and separated into no more than three-sentence paragraphs. Use bullet points and eye-catching graphics and lead the eye towards the conversion. Anything else on the page could contribute to clutter. Without a focused message, your website will drive people to leave.

Usability Testing

Even the best marketers will miss important usability issues on their website. You need another set of eyes to learn your visitors’ behaviors and understand why they leave.

Free Usability Testing
Ask a friend or family member who is not technically savvy nor knows about internet marketing to help you with testing. Give the testers specific instructions to complete a task on your website. Make them recite every thought as they navigate through the site. Notice where they look, how long it takes to complete a task, or if they had trouble searching for a specific link or topic.
Usability testing requires little effort, but it pays off with big rewards. You may discover an issue with your website that you would have never realized on your own. Or you may see your website through the eyes of your audience which can be a priceless learning experience.
Tip: Some sites may score high abandonment rates, but they will not need any adjustment. Websites or landing pages with a quick call to action will show high abandonment rates because visitors are clicking on the call to action right away, which is exactly what the website owner wants. For some websites, conversion testing is a more effective measuring tool.


Listed below are two sites depicting good website design as it relates to abandonment.


Cellar Thief

The information in this website is organized nicely and visitors are not overloaded with too much stimuli. Instead of being bombarded with most of the website content on the home page, visitors are led to access more information if they so choose.
Never overload your visitors with excess images and information. Focus on the main goal of your site and how you can enrich the lives of your visitors. Make every other element secondary. Organize your home page text into sections so visitors can navigate easily. Simplify!

Test, test and test again

Take a close look at your website and try to envision it from your visitors’ point of view. Streamline your website and adjust some of the elements based on these principles. Once you make some changes, perform split testing to see if it makes a difference in your conversions and decreases your website abandonment rates. Keep testing until you find your sweet spot.
With a little effort, you will achieve success.

Have you had any success with lowering abandonment rates?

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  1. We are finding that the usual call to actions such as large or coloured buttons aren’t working as well as they used to…These days users are looking for “bargains” and want the best service that their budget will allow, so offers and pricing are very much to the fore in the current economic climate.

    Also users want as much as they can get for their money, so things like added services, upselling etc. are something we try to concentrate on as well.

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