Four Web Resources for PSD Tutorials

Did you know that there are hundreds (or even thousands) of Photoshop tutorial websites? These sites create and host step-by-step Photoshop tutorials and make PSD files available to aid your learning process.

Here we highlight four websites that are wonderful PSD tutorial resources. We will take a look at what each website has to offer and review a few of their best tutorials. Some designers use these sites for inspiration and others use them to learn something new. We will be looking at PSD Vault, NaldzGraphics, PSDLearning, and Tutorial9.

PSD Vault


PSD Vault was created by a Photoshop enthusiast. The site is broken down by category, which are:

In each of the available categories, you will find tutorials ranging from basic functions all the way through unique tutorials that will make you say “wow.” The fist post I checked out was entitled: “Create a Diablo III Inspired Grungy Text Effect.” For those of you familiar with the Diablo II logo, you will know the effect right off the bat. If you have no idea what the Diablo II logo is, this is what your text effect will look like:


The website walks you through step-by-step what needs to be done to achieve this effect. They provide a download link for the font and texture used. They then show you seven easy steps that include screen shots. Even a Photoshop beginner would be able to follow along with the steps.

You can see an example of the first step below:


There are six more steps ranging from setting up the effects to working with the texture. After following the steps you will find yourself with the ability to create Diablo III type fonts, so you can add this effect to your Photoshop arsenal.



Our next stop will be at NaldzGraphics. This site has some amazing, out of this world effects. NaldzGraphics was originally started as a portfolio website for Ronald Bien. It has morphed into a highly popular blog with unique and knowledgeable how-tos.

The website is broken down into six categories:

We will mainly be looking at the tutorials section. I think that one amazing tutorial stands out among the others; it describes how to turn a picture into a glowing neon girl in Photoshop.

The finished product will look something like this:


The tutorial contains 34 steps to create your own neon glowing girl (or guy!). It starts with easy steps like creating your background layers and adjusting gradients. You will use the Polyagonal Lasso Tool as well as the pen tool and the magnetic lasso tool. If you are new to Photoshop this will help you learn what each tool does. You can see the stock photo that the author began with below:


This tutorial is much harder than the PSD Vault one we referenced above. You will learn many new techniques as you step through the steps. When you look at your finished product, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Hopefully, you will walk away from it a stronger designer.

PSD Learning


PSD Learning is a website created by Ross Aitken. He loves to share his knowledge and tutorials with others and we are here to share it with you. I have found myself at PSD Learning many times while looking for special effects tutorials. I have also come across very creative uses for some boring tools at PSD Learning.

The website’s homepage offers up five categories of tutorials and they are:

The tutorial I want to show you from this website is titled “Using Actions Creatively.” From time to time I need to do batch processing and use actions. Actions allow me to do repetitive behavior like resizing 500 images. I would never have thought to use actions to create art. This post describes how transform one small image into a large, colorful piece of abstract art.

The finished product will look like this:


This beautiful abstract image was created from a single small image that looks like this:


Through the clever use of actions, movements, and saturations we can automatically morph our original image into the finished product you saw above. This not only shows you a clever use for actions, but it will also teach you how to use actions in Photoshop. Actions can come in handy if you know how to use them properly.



Tutorial9’s website has tutorials in several categories but we will be looking at the Photoshop tutorials today. If you are ever in need of Photography tutorials or Web/Blogging tutorials you can always come back!

Tutorial9 has seven categories of Photoshop tutorials and they are as follows:

Tutorial9 has a detailed tutorial on basic picture retouching. The article is titled: “Basic Portrait Retouching in Photoshop.” They will walk you through several techniques for fixing small imperfections in your pictures. This can come in very handy for family holiday pictures and that sexy photo shoot with your significant other. The article covers setting up your workspace, using liquefy, the clone stamp, and the healing brush. They will walk you through fixing eyes, lips, faces, and more. Using the easy-to-follow steps and figures you can easily replicate this for your own work.

Below you can see an example of a before and after picture that was used in the tutorial.



and after

psd-tutorial-12The author has formatted the pictures to switch between the before and after shot on their site. All you need to do is mouse over the image on their site. You can click through and check it out. You can also download the source files to see what is going on more in-depth.


There are many websites on the Internet that can teach you how to work with Photoshop PSD files and provide you with templates. The four sites that we covered provide a great deal of free information; using this information you can become a better graphic designer. Are there any websites that you frequent for PSD tutorials? We would love to hear about and check out some of your favorite sites. Leave us links in the comments!

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