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Our Faves: Top Newsletters for People Who Code

Web Dev Newsletters

Newsletters and RSS feeds are important tools for keeping up with the ever changing world of web design and development.

With so much information out there, it’s easy to cram your inbox with junk. No worries! We’ve scoured the internet to find the most relevant and informative web dev newsletters.

We think these fall into the “must subscribe” category for latest news and resources.

Fresh Coding and Design News

If you aren’t keeping up daily you’re already behind. Stay on top with these articles, curated links, and tutorials.

  • Sidebar. A curated list of the five best design links from the prior day. Created collaboratively, curated manually, always relevant, and always fresh because it’s published daily.
  • Hey Designer. Great articles curated for designers and front-end developers. This is a great place for fresh ideas about CSS, HTML, Sketch, JavaScript, UX, typography, working remotely, and personal development.
  • Web Designer News Daily is a round-up of curated stories for web designers. From business topics, to design news, and off-beat stories. They read it all and share only the best.
  • Web Design Weekly. A weekly collection of links to the very best news and articles ripped from around the net and delivered to your inbox.
  • FrontEndFront. Created by front-end developers for front-end developers. Interactive format for asking questions and sharing work. Always current.
  • DevList. A weekly digest of interesting articles. Software development, testing, project management, and resources for continuing education are all included.
  • Web Development Reading List. This mostly weekly reading list is web-centric and cuts through the clutter. Only the most relevant links make the cut.
  • Web Tools Weekly. This weekly newsletter for front-end developers and designers is focused on tools. Not only do you get the latest happenings with apps, scripts, and plug-ins but each issue features a tutorial to help you use tools to solve problems and be more productive.

Diving Deeper

Some of our fav blogs blast newsletters too. You can trust them to scan the horizon and tell you what’s coming up. For in-depth tutorials and stories, subscribe to these:

  • SitePoint.com. Up-to-date news, tutorials, tips, tricks, resources, and offers tailored to your interests and needs. Just select your areas of interest and your newsletter covers the topics you need. WordPress, Front-end, and Design are just a few of the many options available.
  • The Smashing Newsletter. This newsletter is sent out twice a month from the folks over at Smashing Magazine. The email newsletter has useful tips, tricks, and resources for designers and developers. Every article is written and edited by the Smashing editorial staff; so you know its only the really good stuff.
  • Tutorialzine sends out a weekly web development newsletter to keep you in the know on libraries, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and so much more. They even offer a freebie for signing up! If you are looking for heavy web dev resources, subscribe now.
  • A List Apart. Whether you get the twice a month email or the RSS feed as items are published you are sure to get content focused on web standards and best practices. This is one newsletter that addresses the professional aspects of designing and developing; not just the technical. It’s an awesome all around resource.
  • CSS-Tricks covers way more than just CSS these days. They cover all design and development topics from the premise that the front-end is the best end. CSS tricks are still included on a regular basis!



If you want HTML and CSS information without the distraction of other topics, then subscribe to these great newsletters. They’re focused like a laser on just HTML and CSS.

  • Sass News is a weekly newsletter that focuses solely on CSS with Sass and Compass. Nothing but Sassy tips, tricks, and techniques here.
  • Full Web Weekly. For fullstack developers only. This newsletter contains the week’s best five social links from the world of back end and front end development, UX, and DevOps.
  • Front-End Dev Weekly. An awesome collection of tools, news, and inspiration delivered weekly. There’s always something fresh here.
  • HTML5 Weekly. Wonderfully curated, it covers CSS, WebGL, WebSockets, and more. Fill in your knowledge gaps each Wednesday with this cousin of JavaScript weekly.

Pure JavaScript


Staying on top of JavaScript can be hard. Let these newsletters help.

  • Superhero.js. You’ll be a JavaScript superhero when you subscribe to this collection of nothing but the best videos, articles, and presentations on large JavaScript applications.
  • JavaScript Weekly. Just once a week on Friday and just JavaScript. It’s the best way to stay current. It’s brief, it’s to the point, and it’s where you will get JavaScript news first.
  • FiveJS. Don’t worry if you missed the latest weekly podcast from the FiveJS over at Code School. The RSS feed will keep you up to date. Get the latest news from the JavaScript community.

Bonus: PSD2HTML Newsletter

Of course, we saved the best for last. We pack each newsletter with unique tips and tricks for web developers and designers, as well as exclusive discounts and deals from PSD2HTML and our partners. Spoiler alert – there’s a new deal each month. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.

What are you reading?

What’s your favorite newsletter? Did we miss any worthy options? Let us know where you turn to keep current!

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