Web-Designer Types and Stereotypes

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “web-designer”? Have an image in your head? Then read on…
This post is dedicated to these amazing and talented individuals and stereotypes that surround them.
Do you think you could single a web-designer from the crowd? Probably.
Here are some common stereotypes about web-designers:
Unshaven (if it’s a guy), messy hair, glasses, attitude, tight jeans, doesn’t go anywhere without MacBook and a cell phone. Sound familiar?
Every artistic person wants to stand out from the crowd, and web designers are definitely not the exception. However, despite of what anyone says, web designers are very sweet people, who don’t even try to be rude. They are neat, clean, funny and sweet. They usually wake up early and go to bed late, since they are most productive when it’s dark out. They are always busy fixing something, since they will always find flaws even if it looks great to a regular individual.
Now that we have the looks and the habits straightened out, we can talk about the different personality types of web designers there are:

The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist wants everything to be, well…perfect. They try to achieve the best results possible whenever it is possible. These guys are very detail oriented, have very high personal standards and can be very hard to please. These are good qualities to have, but the important part to remember is to not get carried away.

The Achiever

The Achiever has the goal ahead and he will do just about anything to get it. The achiever web-designer is not afraid to experiment, and will work on something until he gets it right. They know it is just a matter of time and hard work until they succeed.

The Innovator

These guys stand behind all the innovations. They believe there is always something that they can change something for the better, moreover it’s in their hands to do so. The Innovator is always willing to share his ideas in order to get other designers to join his innovative movement. These guys are usually very passionate about what they do.

The Giver

The Giver doesn’t care about recognition. He gives the work and never takes credit for it. If ever complimented on his work, he will always involve other people who helped in one way or another. Works for the purpose, not material gain.

The Pleaser

If you don’t like the word “NO”, then hiring a “Pleaser” is your best bet. He never says no, and will take clients suggestions even if he realizes they are not all that constructive. It would be a disaster for this guy to have an unsatisfied customer.

We need to remember that there are positive apects in each type. These are definitely not the accepted standards for web designer personality types, but merely observations.
If you would like to share your observations or comments, you are more than welcome to do so!

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