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This Week's Inspiration

Here’s the list of this week’s most impressive articles for your attention. Check these out and come back for more next week!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

The Demise of Google Video, and How to Rescue Your Movies


Great article that informs the reader about how to save their videos after the Google Videos demise. Gives you detailed instructions of how to rescue your videos.

5 Ways to Boost Your Retweets


Great resource for all you fellow twitter lovers out there. Gives great tips on how to get retweeted, and thus promote your business.

Logo Evolution of 12 Companies Brands


Impressive showcase of logo evolution of famous brands. Worth checking out!

Powerful New CSS Techniques and Tools


The article provides new CSS techniques and tools as well as detailed description of each modification.

CSS3 vs. CSS: A Speed Benchmark


Interesting experience conducted by Trent Walton who decided to compare css3 with css. He timed and gave a detailed description of the process. Check out the results he got.

Server Headers 101 (Infographic)


Very useful and informative infographic on server headers for those who are just starting in the web design industry and find some things confusing.

National Tasty Flags


Now this post may make you a little bit hungry, but nonetheless check out this impressive showcase of some national flags that were recreated from food!

What’s new for web designers – Apr 2011


It’s always good to stay updated, especially in your field. This post will help you with that by providing an impressive showcase of different new resources available for web developers and designers.

20 Excellent Examples of Forms in Web Design


Check out this refreshing compilation of websites that have well designed forms which will hopefully serve as a source of inspiration for you.

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