Thinking Outside the Box in Web Design

What is the key to making a website stand out? You could use interesting graphics or bright colors. More often times though how you layout your website will help you stand out the most. Having something within in the layout different from the norm where objects or logos overlap different sections of the website give it a different look.

The following list explores some different ways you can use the layout of the website to create something apart from the normal, traditional website and something people will remember.

Over the top

Most of the time websites will have the logo at the top left corner of the website, with a navigation bar to the right or below it. Using a design element such as a logo within a banner or an object hanging over a navigation bar or part of the website can mix up how the look to make it more visually appealing.



Rice Bowls

Twin Peaks Restaurant

Goatee Joe


WAR child

Sitting Objects

When you have a certain product that you are trying to promote on your website, sometimes it isn’t exciting enough to just enlarge it and put it in the middle. By setting it in between two sections of your website, it can give the product a flow throughout the website. And by simply adding a shadow to the bottom of the product it will give a 3D look that breaks the traditional 2D plane of the website.

Clever Elements


Progression Studios


Outside the website

People are used to seeing a website fit within a certain box, whether it is an implied box or visual box. By adding a subtle design element such as a banner or another design element set outside of the website or wrapped around the website, it breaks the design out of the normal look people are used to seeing. This can also give your website a 3D look with a banner going around the web page.

Laluz Grill


Rise Music Publishing

Icon Bits

Theme Inn

Znovin Znojmo

There are many different ways to enhance the layout of your website. You can create a logo/banner hanging from the top of the website, have a main object sitting on the website or creating an object that goes outside of the website. These are just a few ways to layout a website, and there are many different ways to make your website interesting and memorable towards your viewers. So get out there and make your website stand out from the rest of them with a unique layout.

Do you know any other tricks that will make your website stand out? Please share…

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