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The Hottest of October 2016: News, Tutorials, and Freebies


October is done. The year may be three-quarters gone but the web dev and design world is still going full throttle. Here’s the hottest news; best demos, tips, and tricks; and some sweet freebies for you to enjoy.


October was a month of new releases. Drupal, Atom, and Node had updates and Apple continued its roll out of new USB technology.

Drupal 8.2. Drupal’s latest release makes it easier to place and configure blocks on pages and content moderation is now available. Incremental changes like converting relative URLs to fixed ones and a few bug fixes are included as well.

Atom 1.11. The wait is over! Atom now asks for telemetry permission upfront. Whether you opt-in or out, this is something users have requested and Atom delivered. In addition, there are improvements to the Image View and Mac users now have the option to show a custom title bar.

Thunderbolt. Apple continued the roll-out of Thunderbolt 3 technology that allows you to connect devices at lightning speed. It combines data transfer, video output and charging all in a single connector. Available on Late 2016 models.

Node.js v7.0. Node issued a new major version as well. This release brings improved reliability and performance as well as an experimental URL parser.



Whether it’s improving the perception of your load time or improving your typography displays, here are some must-sees to up your game and inspire you.

Improving Perceived Performance. Sometimes it’s not how quickly you load; it’s how quickly you seem to load. If you want to make your site appear to load faster than it does, this bit of CSS Wizardry will do the trick.

Three JS Game. This fun game demonstration was coded entirely on CodePen. Can you grab the carrots, avoid the hedgehogs, and not get eaten by the wolf as you enjoy this Three.js demonstration?

Carousels Don’t Have to be Complicated. Many may argue against using carousels, but if your design needs a carousel it doesn’t need a load of code. This blog post runs down several different techniques for coding using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Typography Display Animations. Typography display doesn’t have to be static. Create simple letter animations using anime.js. These animations are sure to enhance your message and inspire you to create your own.



Designers looking to sharpen their skills and enhance the accessibility of their creations should not miss these articles.

Essential CSS Tricks. This is a great compilation of 20 essential CSS tricks every designer should know. From globally styling tags to overriding all styles, hover effects, and link states, and applying CSS to multiple classes make sure you are familiar with these tricks.

Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Sketch. Not sure what design program you should be using? This article breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of each design program and suggests the applications in which they are best suited. If you’re interested in improving your workflow, this is a must read.

Designing for Color Blindness. Even the most fabulous designs can fall flat if you don’t account for color blindness. It is more common than you think and can impact how your designs are perceived. Discover how to design with color blindness in mind to make your designs accessible.


It’s not trick or treat, it’s all treat. Here are the best free offers from October.


Halloween Theme Email Template. If you still have a Halloween-themed email to send out, here’s a great free email template that is so awesome it’s scary.

Luminance. This is Black Pixel’s first complete set of icons and they are free for the taking. These line icons are great for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Wild Youth. This hand drawn brush script is a modern font with an adventurous feel. Feel free to use it for logos, stationary, or apparel because it is free.

We hope you found lots of valuable information and useful freebies in this round-up. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget, if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and announcements follow us on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll keep you informed.

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