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The Hottest of July 2016: New Release of Sketch and Drupal, Fresh Freebies and Many More

July Round-Up

July flew by! It’s vacation season, but we’re still on the look-out for what’s new, exciting, and fresh in the design and dev world. Here’s what we found that’s as sizzling hot as the summer temperatures.


You may have been taking some time off this summer, but software teams have been hard at work. There were some pretty major releases in July. Here are the 3 biggies:

Zend 3. July marked a new beginning for a favorite framework. Zend Framework 3 is here. It’s more, better, and faster. More features, better documentation and up to 4x faster applications.

Sketch 39. Sketch 39 is here and it is hot! This release beta’s the Sketch Cloud where you can upload and share your creations for easier communication and collaboration. You can also define how layers react when resized in groups.

Drupal Security. Drupal released a major update focused solely on security. It also includes an Update Manager module to make future updates easier. This update addresses security vulnerabilities, so it rates high on the “to do” list.


Image Source: http://www.gajadigital.com/


July, jQuery, Java: Do you detect a theme? This month’s collection includes plugins to make your job easier and an animation that will blow you away. Enjoy!

Modal Window Must See. The IziModal modal plug-in is flexible and light-weight. It doesn’t hurt that it is responsive too. Created with jQuery; there’s much to like here; especially the elegant style of the Vimeo embed.

File Uploads. If your project includes file uploading tasks, you need an uploader that won’t wreck the UX. This collection of 10 jQuery file upload plugins has some great options. Some allow you to easily enable only the features you want such as previews, thumbnails, and specifying file sizes.

Dance, Dance, Dance. Whether you need to take a mental time out or just want a little inspiration you can’t miss this dancing robot animation pen. The robots start dancing together and then well; you just have to see this for yourself.

dancing men_pen


Don’t work hard; work smart. We’ve uncovered some great tools to make your job easier and a couple of new ways to think about your designs and the design process you use. Take a look at the best of design news from July.

Web Design in 4 Minutes. Want a quick refresher course in effective web design? Jeremy Thomas provides a creative step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the elements of a great web design. It’s a great reminder that the content is an important element of the design and should not be overlooked.

Type Trends. Jeremiah Shoaf, the Typewolf, has curated the 40 best free Google fonts. Thankfully, single weight display faces didn’t make the cut, so this an excellent source for fonts for real world applications.

Time Perspective. Take time to understand and implement the psychology of time in your next design. Identifying your user’s time perspective can make a difference on the ultimate impact of your design. People think, view and value time differently and this article is a great introduction to this idea.

Prototyping Your Designs. Have you started prototyping in a browser yet? There are great advantages over starting in Photoshop. The ability to interact with your mock-up is just the start. If you haven’t tried prototyping yet, these tips and techniques for prototyping in a browser are a great place to start.

Best Photoshop Actions. This is a collection of over 30 Photoshop actions to make your life easier. For just a few dollars and a couple of clicks you can add shimmer, dispersion, 3D, vintage, and many, many more effects and actions to your photos and designs. What will these inspire you to create?

photoshop actions


There’s nothing better than free. These freebies are sure to make you smile and the price is right!

Free UI Kit. It’s easy to relate to the Relate UI kit by Invision. This gift is packed with 45 templates and over 99 UI elements to use in your next project. Download the Sketch or Photoshop version.

Brush Sets. Need some new brushes? Here are 15 Photoshop brush sets. Sure Photoshop comes with basic brushes, but why have basic when you can have fantastic for free? Hearts, hair, moon, stars, flame, grit and grunge are all represented.

Drip and Splatter. These messy brush drips and splatters are really neat graphic effects. The designer went wild with nail polish and you can get in on the fun for free. Download the entire set of 42 graphics and go wild with color.

E-Commerce Icons. Icons are essential for e-commerce sites. Shopping carts, payment methods, and shipping need graphic representation. This set of 50 free payment and shopping icons will have shoppers clicking and buying through your next e-commerce design.

free ui kit 2

Was there something you thought was spectacular in July that we missed? Add a link in the comments and let us know!

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