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The Best of November 2015: Tutorials, Freebies, and Many More

As they say, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We know that everyone loves a festive surprise or two, which is why we’ve rounded up the most fabulous design freebies, the finest tutorials, and the hottest news, all for your enjoyment. Beat that, Santa! You’ll find it all in the post below – we hope you like it.



Foundation 6 Ready to Launch

Zurb have been working hard to get Foundation 6 out of Beta, and now the moment has finally arrived. It offers an exceptionally streamlined user experience, cutting needless coding, and offering a whole host of other features to make life easier. Check this blog post out for everything you need to know.

Google+ New Look

Long considered the cumbersome, somewhat unattractive platform of the social media world, Google+ has finally tidied itself up – with a complete facelift and lots of new features. Read all about it in this post from the Google team themselves.

Firefox News

In the last month, Mozilla have been busier than Christmas elves. In addition to its new updates, users can now enjoy an enhanced experience on Yahoo! Search, plus it’s now officially on Apple’s turf and is available on all iOS devices.

Drupal 8.0.0 Released

The release of the latest Drupal update is definitely worth checking out. There’s a few very nice updates, including in-context WYSIWYG editing, better out-of-the-box performance, customization of content pages, forms, and administrative pages and more. Check out the full list of new features here.



Create a Twitter ‘Like’

As you know, Twitter has swapped its star for a heart ‘like’ icon. If you’d like to create your own ‘like’ symbol in your designs, then read this guide detailing how to achieve it. Or twist the image on its head and create an ‘unlike’ icon!

Better SVGs

We can always rely on Sara Soueidan for some fantastic tips. This offering, outlining how to create and export better SVGs for the web, is no exception. Enjoy.

Image Effects

Adding an image effect adds instant appeal to your website designs. Find out how to create an infrared effect on your photos, plus have fun with filters, right here.

Dynamic Image Colorizing

Do you want to create an image that pops with color? It’s a great way to add an exciting interactive feature, especially if you’re working on a festive design. Just check out this fantastic demo!

See the Pen Dynamic Image Colorizing with by Noah Blon (@noahblon) on CodePen.


Guide to Font Formats

Font formats are often the bane of a designer’s life. Of course, none are compatible across all browsers (where would be the fun in that, eh?) which means we all need to use multiple font formats to ensure we’re offering a consistent user experience. Here’s a handy guide to help make your life that little bit easier.

Create an Abstract Portrait

Abstract portrait images are always a high-impact feature in web design… but how do you create one that really works? Here’s a detailed tutorial to show you how to combine several stock images with abstract elements in Photoshop.

Color Trends for 2016

According to Jerry Cao, 2016 will be the year of vibrant color in design. Are you ready to bring fierce hues into your web creations? Find out more in this useful article.

20 Sketch Plugins

What’s not to love about Sketch? One of its best features is that it’s especially easy to create plugins, and the Sketch community have literally hundreds for you to use. This post, from SpeckyBoy, outlines 20 of the best plugins for your Sketch toolbox.



Free Fonts

As any designer knows, you can never have too many fonts in your toolbox. Chris Spooner has trawled the net to find the best free fonts out there, and guess what? He has found 60 for you to download. Now that’s what I call a great Christmas present.

Free Google Fonts

There are some great fonts on Google Fonts, but finding the time to go through them all can be tricky. Typewolf has taken on the task for you, and found the 30 best free fonts going.

50 PSD Icons

Freebiesbug have delivered again! Here’s 50 pixel perfect PSD icons for you to download for free.

Retro Photo Effects

If you want to add retro power to your images, use these great vintage photo actions. They’re completely free and come courtesy of Pixel Buddha.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s round-up, and picked up lots of useful tips and freebies. If you think we’ve missed anything vital off the list, do let us know! Want to get more industry updates and keep up with all our news? Simply follow us Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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