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The Best of May 2016: Fresh Sass Mixins, Free Fonts & Icons and Even More

may round-up

May means summer is almost here. While you are taking it easy, we’re scouring the web to bring you the most important news and the latest trends in web design and development. And because everyone loves free stuff, we’ve thrown in some great giveaways, freebie fonts and icons, and more!

Industry News

Hey Google

This year’s Google Developer’s Conference kicks off with a major announcement. Google Assistant is ready to give Siri a run for the money. Allo and Duo are new communication apps that will work with Google Assistant to make your life easier. Google is shooting for a voice-activated product that will work across devices and contexts. When Google Home is available later this year, you will be able to turn on the lights or set a timer for the oven. How did we survive before Google?

Draw on Tablets

It’s taken them awhile, but Adobe is finally releasing Draw for Android tablets. Use this lightweight app to create scalable vector artwork with drawing layers including an image and photo layer. Sync your drawings to the cloud with Creative Sync or send them directly to Illustrator CC.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The latest Sketch release brings major improvements to the Sketch Mirror app. Wi-Fi connectivity problems have been solved, SVG importing is more awesome, and many, many bugs have been fixed. It’s like Sketch but 3.8.

The End to Streaking on GitHub

GitHub quietly announced changes to the contributions graph. You can now enable private contributions to anonymously share the work you have done in private repositories. No more code streaking. You’ll have to find something new to brag about.

The End to Streaking on GitHub.

Must-Sees for Developers

If you didn’t check these out the minute they were released, take a peek now. There’s something to inspire everyone here.

Family Management

Manage child elements successfully with this set of Sass mixins. Family.scss gives you a way to unleash the power of the nth child element easily with clean code to boot! Mixins can be quantity queries or used with or without arguments.

SVG Animation

This cool SVG animation is created with just a little JavaScript and some CSS. The effect is an animated pen stroke; and “Hello” is just the beginning of where this can take your imagination.

The Heat is On

Competition for the hottest animation effects is getting heated and the results can be stunning. In this tutorial, learn how to create a very subtle animated heat distortion effect for text and images.

Isometric Grid Styles

These 3-D grid effects are both stunning and useful. Scrollable and static grids add visual drama and incorporate nifty hover effects as well. They are experimental but they are awesome.

Isometric Grid

Web Design Mix

Designers continue to shatter the mold for conventional design thinking. Here’s what was hot in May:

6 Steps to Icon Design

Iconfinder pulls back the curtain on what makes the difference between icons that are just okay and premium icons. Use these guidelines for designing premium icons to create high impact quality icons. The same guidelines can be applied to print work as well.

Generalist vs. Specialist

Product design can be divided into two camps: those who believe in teams of generalists and those who are convinced that specialists teams are the way to go. The folks at Percolate share why they follow the generalist approach for product design teams and why they think it is best. Their approach just may change the way you think.

UX Research on a Budget

A positive user experience is key to the success of any design. However, too often a company doesn’t have the time or money to invest in extensive UX research. What’s a designer to do? Discover affordable UX research techniques such as A/B testing, guerilla research, and focus groups that can be implemented at little cost.

Ultimate Star Wars Infographic

You’ll never think about a long scrolling design or infographics the same after you enjoy Martin Panchaud’s take on Star Wars Episode IV. This graphic designer has condensed the entire story into 123 meters. The creative force is with him – is it with you?

Star Wars In One Picture


Free! It’s one of the most persuasive words in the language. See, we made you look! Check out these great free offers and promotions:

Free Fonts

Struggling to find just the right font for your epic design? Specky Boy has compiled a list of the 100 Best Free Fonts. You’re sure to find just the right font here – for free.

Free Lightroom Starter Pack

Sleeklens makes it easy to get started with Adobe Lightroom. This Lightroom workflow starter pack includes 30 premium presets and 10 premium brushes. Work on JPEG and RAW images; work on Macs and PCs; work with Lightroom for free!

Free Icons

Download a free set of icons. The icons in this set include colored, filled, flat, and outlined styles. These icons can be used for personal or commercial use for free!

Get StampReady for Free

StampReady is offering a free 30 day trial. This offer includes 15 templates, up to 500 subscribers, unlimited newsletters, and more. If you like it, take advantage of their special $9 per month offer after the free trial. If you don’t like it, hey it didn’t cost you anything.

StampReady Giveaway

We hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up and found it inspirational, invigorating, and, above all, useful. If you think we’ve missed something important or you want to add a comment, please feel free to do so. As always, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the latest design news, reviews, and resources!

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