The Best of June 2016: New Release of jQuery, Free Font, Mockups and More

June round-up

Summer is heating up and so is the action in the web design and dev world! While you’re chilling by the lake or pool, we’re busy curating the best of June. We’ve even found a few freebies for fun. Here’s what was hot in June:


Innovation never takes a vacation. June was packed with software releases and product offerings. Take a look!

jQuery 3.0. The wait is over! A slimmer and faster jQuery is here with the release of jQuery 3.0. The old IE workarounds are gone and more modern APIs have been incorporated where it made sense.

ASP.NET Core. Big news here! ASP.NET hasn’t just been updated; its leaner, more modulized, and is now cloud-based. It’s perfect for the current era of software development. ASP.NET Core will still feel familiar and if you don’t currently use ASP.NET this is the perfect time to start.

Gmail Ads. If you’re ready to turbocharge your email marketing program, PSD2HTML is here to help. Starting in June, we added PSD to Gmail conversion services so you can have pixel ready and Google Gmail compliant files ready to be delivered straight to the inbox.



June was all about fusion. Whether it was using SVG clipping and masking to create clever animation effects or fusing a new audio API to simulate old school vinyl, developers elevated the art of fusion.

Radial Slider Animation. Genius lives at Codyhouse. This slider animation is a simple transitional effect created with SVG clipping and masking. It’s a preview that scales up with interaction and it’s quite inspiring.

CSS Rule Conflicts. When browsers are confused about how to handle conflicting CSS, CSS provides a set of rules to follow. Here’s a great way to understand how CSS deals with order conflicts using icons from the iconic movie “The Shining.” Brilliant!

PostCSS Plugins. Use PostCSS to handle tedious jobs. Whether you use it as a standalone or with one of many task runners, here are 7 great PostCSS plugins to make your job easier. Easier is good!

Interactive Record Player. Old school vinyl gets an update with this application of Web Audio API. It’s a template that simulates an old school record player to serve up digital tunes. This example shows how an interactive design can be totally engaging.



Don’t let the summer doldrums get you in a rut. Here’s some inspiration to keep your designs fresh.

Typeface Pairing. Pairing typefaces is an art and it takes practice and time to hone this skill. If the pressure of a deadline is looming, use one of these free resources for better typeface pairing.

Type Terms. Don’t get tripped up by typography terminology. Supremo has put together an interactive guide to understanding common type terms. It’s highly informative and even the design is inspirational.

Colors and Emotions. For a light-hearted look at a serious topic, check out this article on the relationship we have with color. How a color is used can be as important as the color itself.

Design Like Hollywood. You may not be making a movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the design process Hollywood uses. They know success depends on delivering what the audience wants. Follow these great tips for successful designs and the paparazzi may be following you too!



Free! What’s not to love when the price is right? Here are some of the greatest freebies available right now.

PSD Mockup Bundle. This mockup bundle is a great tool for showcasing your work. It includes mockups for eco-friendly bags, wine bottles, posters, and more. It even includes an awesome wood texture set as part of the bundle.

Designer Icon Set. Time to spruce up the icons on your design and code editors? Download this great set of line art icons to give your software an updated look.

More PSD Mockups. Because you can never have enough mockups to display your work, here is a bundle of 121 free PSD mockups for you to download and use.

Free Font. Meet Canvas. It’s the totally free font in the Salvador family. This font face features low crossbars and lines with varying widths for an interesting handwritten look.


That’s it for this month’s round-up. We hope you found it informational, inspirational, and useful. Did we miss something important or is there a certain freebie you crave? Add a comment and let us know. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest breaking design news, reviews, and resources!

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