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The Best of August 2016: New Releases of WordPress and Joomla!, Free Patterns, Icons and Many More

August Round-up

Summer’s winding down and the Fantasy Football Leagues are ramping up. That doesn’t mean we’ve taken our eye off the ball. While you’ve been drafting your favorite players, we’ve been put together an all-star line-up of the hottest industry news, design and development trends, and freebies for you to enjoy. Score!


August was a month for big update releases and a pretty big celebration. Here’s 3 of the big releases and one awesome industry milestone.

SVG 2. SVG is great for graphical representation of information. SVG 2 is even better. New elements, style properties, and attributes too numerous to list here. Get over to Github for the complete run-down on the new key features, new interfaces, and much much more.

WordPress 4.6. WordPress spices things up with its latest release, Pepper. Named for famous jazz musician Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. Updating is easier because you can stay on the same page as you update themes and plugins. WordPress now saves text in your browser as you type. That means content recovery just got better. You’ll feel more at home now since the dashboard will take advantage of the fonts you already have. Loading will be faster too.

Joomla! Bug Fix. Joomla! released an update as well. 3.6.1 was a little buggy and had some update issues. Release 3.6.2 fixes those pesky update bugs and the bugs with email cloaking. This bug fix puts Joomla! back to awesome again.

Linux Turns 25. Happy birthday Linux! August marked 25 years since a college student in Finland sent out an email about a project he was working on. Linus had no idea he was changing the tech world forever. Celebrate the 25th birthday with 25 fun facts about Linux.

WordPress 4.6


Developers certainly weren’t caught up in the dog days of summer. Their creative juices just heated up. Here are some fresh twists on routine tasks.

Scratch and Reveal. Just click and mouse or stroke to reveal the image underneath. This comparison slider uses Retina image detection in CSS and JavaScript to create a mind-blowing effect. The result is not overcoded or overly complicated. Just take a look.

Multi-Layout Slideshow. Its time to take sliders to the next level. This simple slideshow uses a different layout for each component for an amazing effect. Mary Lou has done it again and we say Hurray!

Backgrounds and Hover States. The challenge was to create background containers with images that zoom on hover. The solution was pure CSS. Check out this creative use of the transform property.

See the Pen Scratch Reveal with by Dudley Storey (@dudleystorey) on CodePen.


Better Tables by Design. Tables are still a very important way on conveying data. This article explains why the design of the data table is as important as your overall design. Covers design tips for tables that are easy to read and digest.

Photoshop Etiquette for Responsive Design. A powerful reminder that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Even though you might have made the switch from PhotoShop to Sketch, it doesn’t mean you no longer need to transfer files in a clear and discernable way. Photoshop Etiquette has been updated and is still a relevant guide for efficiency through clarity in design no matter how you create.

Headline Fonts. Need to punch up your headlines? This collection of 8 headline fonts range in price from free to $116 and are guaranteed to add some sizzle and pop to your headline text.

Crazy 90’s Designs. The 90’s was the wild wild west of the internet. What was fashionable and forward thinking back then is just about as hot as calico and bustles are today. This whimsical look back at 90’s websites is a stroll down memory lane that will have you laughing and saying “What were they thinking”.



Free is our favorite sale price. We know you love freebies too. Here are some of the best free resources we found this month for icons, patterns, mock-ups and more. Feel free to download them all.

Vector Icon Sets. There are 60 line icons in this set. They are simple, stylish, perfect for UI, and complement the current design trends. Even better, they are perfectly free!

Watercolor Patterns. This set includes 8 awesome watercolor style pattern vector designs. They have a hand-mastered look that is versatile enough for a variety of applications. From product packaging to scrapbooking you know you need these designs.

PSD Business Card Mockup. Maquette takes mockup to a new level with this PSD business card mockup. Details like embossing beautifully capture the tactile sensation of the real thing. This is photorealism at a level you’ve probably not seen before for free.

Simple as Milk. Simple as Milk is back together again and to celebrate they’ve released a super fun pattern that’s pure eye candy. 5 fun colors and all are available for free!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s round-up, and picked up lots of useful tips and freebies. Think we’ve missed anything important off the list? Just drop us a line in the comments below! To stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and our announcements, simply follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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