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How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress: 1 Advanced and 2 Simple Methods

Learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress the right way by using some tried-and-tested techniques. WordPress is by far the most popular content management system on the planet. It has some truly remarkable features that make its management a breeze for everyone. However, there are certain functions that are “hidden” from the eyes of […]


Building an Insurance Website: 5 Essential Pages to Include

Planning on creating an insurance website? Break it up into these pages  In this post, we talk about the essential  pages that every insurance agency website should have. We discuss their purposes and give advice on their basic elements and content.  We never get tired of reiterating that online presence, nowadays, is a must for […]


Creating a Lawyer Website: 3 Essential Design Principles

Keep these important considerations in mind when creating a lawyer website In this post, we discuss the basic elements that every law firm website should have in order to attract leads and convert them into сlients. From layout, navigation, and content to SEO and performance, every detail is crucial if you’re serious about taking your […]


Top 3 WordPress Backup Plugins to Ensure Your Website Data Safety

Choose the best WordPress backup plugin to keep your data safe and sound In this post, we talk about the main reasons to back up your WordPress website. You will learn about the consequences of not making copies of your database and files regularly and get familiar with the principal backup types and methods. We […]