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Squarespace: Top 5 Reasons to Select It for Your Business

We continue exploring the exciting world of content management systems. This time we discuss one of the most popular e-commerce platforms PSD2HTML developers have extensive expertise in — Squarespace.  WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM USING SQUARESPACE? Based on its specifics and advantages, Squarespace is a good choice for:  Photographers Fashion designers  Artists  Estate agencies  Event-organizing companies  Restaurants  […]


How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website: 5 Tips from PSD2HTML Developers

WordPress (WP) is the undisputed leader among content management systems, with a market share of over 52% — head and shoulders above its rivals. This open-source platform has a wealth of themes, plugins, and extensions that can be easily tweaked to suit anyone’s needs and tastes. While this is clearly one of the greatest WP benefits […]


The Good, the Bad, and the Best in Website Navigation

Website navigation is the centerpiece of each website, responsible for great user experiences. This is why its design shouldn’t be taken lightly. Bad website navigation can render all the content on your site useless for a visitor. This can lead to devastating bounce rates directly affecting your website traffic and how search engines rank it. […]


10 Websites with Slick Video Backgrounds

There is a growing trend for using video backgrounds within desktop and laptop designs. If “a picture paints a thousand words” then a video writes an entire book. Video can surpass still photos when it comes to setting the mood, conveying an emotion, and enhancing a band’s image. Because many mobile users must still pay […]


Thinking Outside the Box in Web Design

What is the key to making a website stand out? You could use interesting graphics or bright colors. More often times though how you layout your website will help you stand out the most. Having something within in the layout different from the norm where objects or logos overlap different sections of the website give […]


10 Interesting Articles of the Week

Here’s a compilation of 10 articles that we thought were informative and inspirational. Enjoy your reading and have an amazing weekend! See you next week 🙂


17 Trendy Websites

The world of web design never stands still, and the more you’re updated on the current trends, the more you will succeed. Previously, we have done compilations of Eye-Catching Designs and Excellent Use of Texture to help you get inspiration for your own creations. This week we decided to give you a “411” on what’s […]


Importance of Web Accessibility

Understanding that the visitors of your site can encounter various problems is a quality that each professional web developer needs to possess. Many people cannot even imagine their lives without Internet these days. It provides access to news, email, online purchasing, fun activities, etc. Most newspapers, for example, publish their content online, and it’s an […]


20+ Trendy HTML5 Websites

HTML 5 has brought many exciting innovations into the markup world. Among which are new useful tags that help structure your markup: <canvas>- used for displaying graphics in HTML5, <video>- used for defining video content, <audio>- used for defining sound content, <header>- used to define a header for a section or page, <nav>- used to […]