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How to Prevent Hackers from Exploiting Your Website: Key Steps

Alas, we’re not living in an ideal world where everyone respects other people’s right to private property and privacy. We’re talking about hackers now — cybercriminals who’re constantly looking to exploit weak security spots in websites to steal data or pull off their dirty tricks.  According to a report published last year, the majority of […]


Introducing Menu Fields WordPress Plugin

Menu Fields is a great new plugin that our team developed to expand WordPress functionality. Just like you, we wanted to make the most of the website menus and saw the limits of the default WP features. Just like you, we were frustrated. That’s why we developed a custom solution to this common problem. Meet […]


7 jQuery Plugins to Display Your Videos

Web developers are increasingly using jQuery to quickly change the way HTML behaves on their web sites. Creating and/or embedding videos on web sites is a great way for your readers see your words come to life. Therefore, having jQuery plugins that can quickly help your web sites be video ready can really help so […]