Free Social Media Icons for Your Site

Connecting with your network using social media is an extremely important and useful part of marketing. An easy way to point your visitors toward your various accounts is to add simple icons to your site. If you’re not feeling ambitious enough to design your own, there are plenty of icon sets out there that you can use for free.

For the traditionalist

You don’t want your social media icons to take any attention away from the rest of your site, but you want them to be easily recognizable so your visitors will immediately know which sites you use.

Web2Badges by Jeremy Roux

Polaroid Icon Set by Webtoolkit4me

For the tech geek

You’re into web design, the latest gadgets and all things technology. You want your visitors to know that you’re up on the latest techy news and you want your icons to go with the rest of your incredibly built website.

PC Social Media Icons by kyo-tux

iPhone Social Icons Set 2 by Little Box of Ideas

For the artist

Everything you design has a unique style, and you want your icons to as well. You enjoy quirky illustrations and handmade touches. You want your icons to express your one-of-a-kind method.

Handycons 2 by Jankoatwarpspeed

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set by Spoon Graphics

For the minimalist

You enjoy white space and simple color palettes. Your website is quite simple and you don’t want your social media icons to overshadow the rest of your content.

Set of Social Icons no. 4 by Tydlinka

Matte Black Social Media Icons by WebTreats

For the non-conformist

You want something different that not many others have discovered. You want something recognizable but clearly altered and given a special twist that your visitors will associate with your edgy aesthetic.

Social Grunge Icons by Tydlinka

Cheers by Webtoolkit4me

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