The Ultimate Sketch Resources to Add to Your Toolbox

Sketch is fast becoming everyone’s favorite alternative to Photoshop. It’s one of the hottest topics in the web design community, and more people are making the switch to this new design app. If you’re a fan too, then you’ll love this list of amazing tutorials, resources, tips, and freebies. Have fun, learn lots and get downloading.


Basics: Top Sites to Keep up to Date

If you’re hooked on Sketch, then it’s a good idea to keep tabs on all the latest updates and news. Here are three must-follow sites to help you get the best out of this app.

Learning: Best Sketch Tutorials


Want to brush up on your Sketch knowledge, hone those techniques, and create slicker, more impressive designs? Check out these great tuts:

  • Design a Bold Email Newsletter. In this amazing, detailed tutorial you will learn how to create a neat email newsletter template in Sketch. The article walks you through all steps and provides plenty of details.
  • Colorful Switch. This is another great guide for beginners. It helps you learn basic Sketch features while creating a fancy switch icon.
  • Create a Notes App. If you love material design, you’ll really enjoy this tutorial by Patrick Keenan. See why Sketch and material design are a great match, and learn how to create a cool little notes app.
  • How to Mockup Responsive Websites. Sketch app can be a huge time-saver when you are designing responsive interfaces or websites. In this post, Daniel Schwarz shares some handy tips and shows how to optimize your work-flow.

If you’re hungry for more Sketch-related knowledge, make sure to check out the following links:

Freebies: Must-Have Sketch Goodies


We all love a freebie, and thankfully for Sketch devotees, the net is full of complementary UIs, icons and more, to help you produce bigger, bolder, better designs. Here’s a list of just a few of the best freebie sites:

  • Free Sketch App Plugins. If you’ve ever wished that you could work smarter whilst using Sketch, then these 15 free plugins are exactly what you need! They’re all designed to improve workflow and help maximize productivity.
  • Fully Scalable iOS Devices. This nice pack of Apple device mockups is retina-ready and can be adjusted to any color.
  • Material Design Online Store. This mobile site design looks sleek and trendy and could save you some time for your next project or serve as inspiration. We also love all the great Sketch freebies here: icons, UI kits, templates, mobile app templates and more. Have fun browsing and downloading to your heart’s content!
  • UI Kit for Sketch. This downloadable UI kit was created with the Sketch app and comes courtesy of Piotr Kwiatkowski on FreebiesBug. Alternatively, if you want to explore FreebiesBug’s entire range of tempting downloadable Sketch goodies, you can check the options out here. There are some absolutely fabulous icons, mock-ups and UI kits offered.
  • 25 Sketch Freebies. Why have just one freebie when you can have 25? has located 25 of the best free tools and resources, and you can find them all by visiting their website. Expect to find some great sign-in screens, icons, Twitter profile cards, templates, UIs and more.

Of course, there are a ton of fantastic resources out there. However, here are just a few more sites that we felt were worthy of a mention, thanks to their great information, resources, tips and all-round expert knowledge. Have fun exploring!

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We really hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of fantastic tutorials, free downloads and inspiring sites. If you’re passionate about Sketch, they provide pretty much all you’ll need to make cutting-edge designs. If you think we’ve missed any great sites, let us know and we’ll check it out.

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