The Best of September 2015: News, Tutorials, and Freebies

Fall is on its way, but that doesn’t mean things are slowing down in the world of design! September has seen some exciting developments from some of the world’s biggest names, plus there have been plenty of great tutorials and freebies released. Guess what – you can see them all right here, in our monthly round-up. Enjoy!



Major Rebrands

This month saw not only the mighty Google unveiling a major brand overhaul, but also Opera too. Google’s simplified style has been designed to highlight their accessibility for all. Opera’s elegant rebranding, on the other hand, is meant to encourage the world to see them as a gateway for all information. Which one do you like best?

Firefox Release

The latest version of Firefox is here, complete with a range of fixes and new features, including the ability to add a profile picture to your account, instant messaging on Firefox Hello, and enhanced IME support on Windows. You can swot up on the release details right here.

Apple Innovations

It’s been a big month for Apple. They’ve not only launched their Hermes designed Apple Watch, but they’ve also unveiled the iPhone 6s, with speedy A9 processor, 3D touch screen, and improved camera. They’ve also tempted us all with the swoon-worthy Apple Pencil, which promises big things for designers. Hold fire though, it won’t be officially released until November.



Apple TV Effect

This is a really great effect to include in your designs –and looks almost exactly like Apple’s parallax effect. You can find out how to create it yourself, thanks to Designmodo’s awesome tutorial.

Emoji Toggles

Toggles can be a bit uninspiring, can’t they? Well, not if you add a cool emoji to them! Find out how with this fun tutorial from CSS-Tricks.

SVG Modal Window

The guys have released a great tutorial, outlining how you can animate multiple SVG paths to produce a really snazzy background effect for a modal window. Check out the amazing demo and learn how to DIY here.


It’s something of a hot debate among designers. These two great blog posts from Adobe Dreamweaver aim to tell you all you need to know, from comparing shapes to icon fonts and charts.

Mastering Flexbox

Flexbox is really taking off in the world of design, but there might still be some elements you’re left scratching your head over. This amazingly helpful cheat sheet comes courtesy of and tells you all you need to know.



To Card or Not to Card?

Card design is everywhere at the moment, and for good reason – it’s a great way of displaying information on a web page! Here are some thoughts on what makes card-based design so great, as well as a few simple tips on how to make it work.

Can Motion Design Make You Sick?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s called a vestibular disorder. It’s triggered by motion on the screen, and it can leave you feeling nauseous, dizzy, and headachy. Time to ditch certain types of animation in your work, perhaps? Find out more in this revealing article on A List Apart.

Material Design Tips

Material design is picking up popularity on a daily basis. Here are some great tips and techniques to help you improve your own material designs, courtesy of Tuts+.

Top Designer Nightmares

Hey, we all get them from time to time. Just for a bit of a giggle, here’s an article detailing the worst kinds of scenatios out there. We’ll bet you can relate to at least a few of them!



Free Icon Sets

Looking for some inspiring icons to use in your next project? Check out these awesome icon sets hand-picked by editors. They’re all free to download and some feature as many as 400 icons!

Fab Free Alternatives to the Most Popular Fonts

Some of the greatest fonts require an eye-watering budget to use. However, Chris Spooner has found some alternative fonts that closely resemble the super-expensive originals. Check them out here.

100 Free Line and Filled Glyph Icons

Like to keep your icons simple, smooth, and appealing? Check out these two free icon sets on Metropolicons.

Star Wars Icons

Star Wars. Whether you love the movies or hate ‘em with a passion, you can’t help but be impressed by these amazing Star Wars inspired character icons. Using long-shadow, they really awaken flat design. Check them out at, and may the force be with you.


We hope you’ve found September’s round-up informative, interesting, and occasionally amusing, not to mention made the most of all the excellent free downloads and tutorials. If you think we’ve missed something worthy, do let us know – we like to stay fully up-to-date! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

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