Meet the Revamped Markup and WordPress ORDER NOW forms: No More Waiting for the Final Price

New Markup and WordPress Order Now Forms

One of our top priorities is making the ordering process for you, our clients, as smooth and quick as possible. Based on your feedback, we regularly make improvements to our ORDER NOW forms to ensure that you can select the options you need most often, while removing obsolete or seldom required ones.

As part of this ongoing work, we have just finished a complete overhaul of two important pages: for ordering the Markup and WordPress services. Let us tell you about the main benefits that these revamped forms bring to the table.

Schematic Representation of Pages 


The old forms were overloaded with options. That caused a great deal of annoyance among our clients. Many had a vague or no idea why a certain option was included at all. There were also a number of outdated features you can no longer find in modern web solutions.

We realized the problem and made new forms for your maximum convenience. One of the key improvements is the addition of the “What Are Your Project’s Page Sizes” block. It schematically represents pages of different sizes you can order. This simplifies and streamlines the selection process.

Instant Price Calculation

Another great feature of the new forms is the ability to calculate the total price in real time, so you can instantly place an order and make a prepayment.

The old forms didn’t provide this functionality. The final price was unpredictable, and you had to wait while it was determined. The new forms only contain up-to-date options that should be well familiar to you. You can quickly select the required parameters, see the price and ETA immediately, and order without delay.

Better Organization


We have also improved the general organization of options within the forms. From all the numerous parameters the old forms contained, we have only left Responsiveness. The rest are now grouped under the Advanced Options tab. This arrangement allows you to select basic options only or add extra features to the standard set, if necessary. Flexibility at its best.

ASAP Service Toggle


Another addition to the forms that deserves your attention is the ASAP service toggle. Previously, it was only available on the ASAP Service ORDER NOW page. Now, the WordPress and Markup forms include it as well.

If you’re pressed for time, you can simply fill in the bare minimum of fields and turn on the ASAP Service toggle. Our PM will immediately get in touch with you to clarify the details, and the team will instantly start working on your project to meet the deadline. Not a single second wasted!

With the new forms, the ordering process has become straightforward and quick. We are committed to providing the best user experience for you. Let’s stay in touch!

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