How to Turn Visitors into Returning Visitors

It’s always easier to keep a good client than it is to find a new one. This is also true when it comes to your website visitors. If you have good content, a strong brand identity, and ways for your visitors to connect with you, you can turn those one-time visitors into recurring visitors that will go to your site again and again.

Stand out from the crowd

You are unique, so you should make sure that your brand is too. A catchy name, a one-of-a-kind design, and original content will help your visitors actually remember who you are. Generic titles, recycled blog post, and an overused theme will only make you fade into the background of the millions and millions of websites that people visit once and then forget.

Make it easy for them

Even if you have a wonderful site that everyone loves, they still might forget how to find you. Once you’ve drawn them in with your amazing design and content, it’s important to give them plenty of opportunities to bookmark your site so they can return later. Including links to subscribe to your feed, connect with you on social networking sites, and share your content will help them remember to visit you repeatedly. These links should be included in a very visible place. Don’t make your visitors work hard to find you again – that’s your job.

Don’t spam them

Once they’ve subscribed, you want them to remain subscribers for a long time. So if they’ve connected with you on social media, for example, don’t annoy them with millions of links to the same blog post or special offer. If they feel like they’re being spammed, they’re likely to delete you from their network and never visit your site again.

Have content that benefits people

Your visitors want to get something out of connecting with you. No one is going to bookmark your site if there’s nothing that benefits them. Having some content that will help them with a project (tutorials, links to helpful sites, or inspirational photos) or special offers for subscribers (discounts for your services, affiliate offers, or promotions) will give them a reason to return to your website.

Update consistently

You have a great site. Everyone loves it. You once had a lot of visitors, but now you have hardly any. Why? Nothing has changed. They’ve all already seen what you can do, so what would be the point of coming back? If you run a blog, this means you need to make new posts more often. If you run a non-blog site, this means you should just change up a few things – design elements, text, or anything really. Just something that will catch their interest again. Gaining returning visitors is a much easier way to increase traffic than trying to find new visitors, so you need to keep your site fresh and updated.

If you follow those simple tips, you can build up a network of visitors (and maybe even potential clients) that will keep a steady stream of traffic coming to your site. What other strategies can help turn those visitors into subscribers?

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