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PSD2HTML Site Update: Ordering is Now Easier

We have made several important changes to our order page. We hope that these improvements will help you submit and receive completed projects from us faster and easier.

The changes were added for both the markup and implementation portions of the PSD2HTML website.


  • We have added Cufon and @font-face techniques support in the “non-web fonts replacement” section. Please do not forget to include font files when you select these options – it will speed up the process and make our developers happy.
  • We have added the support of the most popular CSS resets and CSS frameworks. By choosing the one you are used to working with, you will be able to maintain the project easily without back-and-forth communication from our development team.
  • We have also slightly changed the structure of the options. The updated structure is optimized and very easy to use. Check it out and see for yourself. 🙂


  • Now, you can choose the required CMS right under the package selection of this portion of the website.
  • We have included a full description of the default functionality scope for each CMS that is included in the stated price. Please note that we style only those CMS theme pages that were included in the design and the markup.
  • We have also added an extensive list of additional plugins and options for each CMS. You can select them right on the order page. This will significantly speed up the audit of your project and therefore the completion time of the order.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestion about these improvements.

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