PSD2HTML introduces our New Site Design and all new CHAT, Phone Support, and Payment Options!

In our continued efforts to offer the highest level of service and customer care; we have some very exciting announcements for our clients.

New PSD2HTML site design! Please enjoy the new attractive design, style, and convenient functionality of! We highly value your feedback – so please feel free to give us your thoughts on our new site below.

We are pleased to inform you that you can now communicate with PSD2HTML through our new CHAT option, as well as over the Phone! We have been working hard to implement the instantaneous and convenient Chat and Phone options so you, our valued clients, can get in touch with us directly and keep the lines of communication OPEN!

Customer service and client satisfaction is paramount to our process and so we have also added a Direct Payment option to our website. In addition to Paypal and Google Checkout you can now pay directly on our site using major credit cards. Use whichever payment method you prefer!
We hope this is yet another level of convenience for our current and future clients!

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  1. Sebastian S. Mar 19, 2009

    I definitely liked the old site design better. A few aspects of this new design are nice, especially the top navigation… I like the graphics psd2html added.
    The old order page was better too though (in my opinion) with the tabs to switch between email and website.
    And finally, I liked the fonts used in the logo previously better than the current one.

    This is just my opinion though, so I’m sure some people like it.

    The adjustments made to this site don’t take away from their excellent quality of service though!
    Love what you guys have done for me and keep up the good work!


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