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PSD2HTML Introduces Mobile Device Compatibility

In this day and time we don’t go anywhere without our mobile devices. We call, text message, check our email, browse the web using mobile phones. They have become one of the most important attributes one can own. It’s getting harder and harder to tell what we use them more often for – calling or browsing the web, therefore it is extremely important to create websites which would be compatible with the mobile browsers.

In order to understand why it is important to implement mobile support of web applications, here is the chart of mobile web browsing for the period of May 2009-January 2011.

As you can see can see the tendency of growth since may 2009 is impressive. This is why we, here at PSD2HTML are happy to announce the launch of a new Mobile Device Compatibility option for your convenience.

So go to order now and select “Mobile Device Compatibility” today to ensure that your customers can access your websites from their mobile devices. We hope you enjoy the new option and your feedback is appreciated… as always!

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