PSD2HTML Can Now Build Interactive Banners

PSD2HTML Can Now Build Interactive Banners

Introducing another service from PSD2HTML — interactive banners. This form of digital advertising is a powerful tool for attracting more leads and converting them into customers.


With so many companies competing in the vast arena of the Internet, businesses need to be more creative and find more effective ways to engage visitors. This is exactly what interactive banners help them achieve. 

Interactive banners encourage consumers to perform actions like clicking on different sections of an ad, playing a game right inside an ad, or using a slider to see information about the advertised products without leaving an ad. 

Interactive banners: examples

The more immersed in an ad the target audience is, the higher is the chance they will actually click through to the landing page and convert. Consumers are no longer passive viewers. They act

One interactive banner can include several content formats (text, gifs, audio, and video) simultaneously to make them different from conventional static ads. This is possible thanks to the HTML5 technology used to build this type of banner. 

Interactive banners give your business these main advantages:

  1. Better brand recognition
  2. Higher click-through rates and conversion: interactive banners are, in general, 3 times more effective than other varieties of display ads. 
  3. Diversity. An interactive ad may contain several CTA elements. You can target a particular group of consumers with a particular call-to-action button or another element. When selling clothes, for instance, you may cater to adolescents and adults within the same banner by sending them to corresponding landing pages. 
  4. More data about your prospects
  • what parts of the ad they clicked on
  • what radio buttons or checkboxes they selected
  • how many times the banner was displayed, and other details

That will allow you to have more fine-tuned advertising campaigns in the future. 


Interactive banner example

Need an interactive banner that performs any function with any design you want? PSD2HTML is at your service. An interactive banner with 2 rounds of revisions will cost you $124. Here is a special offer, though. Starting from the 6th banner, you are entitled to a 50% discount! 

Our developers work very fast. You can expect your order to be delivered within one business day on average, depending on the scope and complexity of a project. 

We can also create other types of banners for you: 

  • Static 
  • Simple animated 
  • Complex animated 

Recently, we’ve started building HTML5 banners for several new digital marketing platforms

  • Sizmek 
  • Flashtalking
  • IAB 
  • Celtra 

Our list of online advertising services also includes Google Ads, AdRoll, DoubleClick, and Adform. Take our word for it: your banner will look great on whatever device or in whatever browser it gets displayed. 

Share your ideas or design with us today and get back an engaging, entertaining interactive banner ad to boost your conversion rate tomorrow

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