P2H Introduces Net Promoter System (NPS)


We pay close attention in building long-term partnership with our clients. We strive to provide them with exactly what they want and even more. That’s why P2H team introduces the Net Promoter System (NPS)*. Our goal is continuous improvement based on your candid feedback.

One Question To Make Us Better

P2H consists of clusters. Each cluster is a team of 10-15 professionals: project managers, developers and QA specialists. There are no supervisors to tell how work should be done properly. We believe that there’s no such thing as the only one correct solution. Instead, we are sure that there are lots of suitable approaches.

Besides working on projects, every cluster is looking for ways to make clients’ collaboration with P2H more convenient, simple and efficient. It’s more than just a way to manage organizational processes – it is the underlying philosophy that guided us in the past two years.

That’s why NPS is extremely important for P2H. Your monthly feedback will help members of each cluster to not only track the quality of service provided, but also continuously improve it in accordance with rates and reviews.

How It Works

A list of clients we worked with in the previous month will be generated automatically. At the beginning of the next month, these clients will receive the following letter:


The survey is absolutely anonymous. We do not collect any information on respondents. We only collect the date of the response, the rate, the comments if any and the number of the cluster involved in the task. The anonymity is intended to provide our clients with the freedom to fully describe their experience of working with P2H.

Yet, NPS is more than just a rate, it is the feedback system. That’s why our clients have an opportunity to leave their contacts to get in touch with P2H management.

We have already sent out several NPS survey letters. Here’s what our employees think of NPS:

“I think everyone is happy and motivated by an evaluation from the client, there is a desire to do even more and better. At lower scores, you can more accurately determine what the indignation of a client is, comparing it to high scores. We get a good motivator and a tool for analyzing the work done.”– Aleksey, Developer of Cluster #12


“During the first mailing there was an excitement – a feeling of looking forward for something unknown and exciting. Feedback from a client was very interesting to hear, especially when there was a constructive criticism. As for me, it’s so good that this information was given anonymously, not face to face, because I was able to approach that issue constructively and not just emotionally.”– Alina, Project Manager of Cluster #1

We thank our clients for helping us become better. Keep in touch!

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the index that determines consumers’ commitment to a product or a company. It is also known as the index of willingness to recommend a certain product or company. NPS methodology as a tool for measuring customer loyalty was introduced in 2003 by Fred Reichheld in Harvard Business Review magazine.

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