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Our Faves: Top Web Dev and Design Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2016

top podcasts

Listening to music is an enriching way to pass the time, but listening to a podcast might help you enrich your bank account. You can tune in almost anywhere and quickly catch up on the latest tips and trends. Here’s a collection of our favorite shows to help you stay relevant and even learn something new. Enjoy!

Web Design Podcasts

on the grid

Great design takes more than talent and a great eye. You have to know what’s trending and why. On The Grid is a weekly podcast devoted to all things design. While the focus is on design for the web, they cover all aspects of design. Andy, Matthew, and Dan are your hosts.

User Interface Engineering is the go-to for the latest on designing the ultimate user experience. They cover everything from creating user-friendly navigation to the latest research in user interface design.

UX Pod is an awesome platform for the discussion of all facets of designing the optimum user experience. They cover everything from designing for kids to looking at design from the client’s point of view. There’s a new episode each month.

Web Development Podcasts

non breaking space show

In the Non Breaking Space Show Chris, Christopher, and Sam take on the best and brightest talent in the digital design and development fields. From life hacks to JavaScript, bots, and CSS they look at why people do what they do and exactly how they do it!

Developer Tea has info-packed podcasts that are as long as a tea break. They cover apps, gear, problem solving, user experience, and more. Their nuggets are as addictive as tea cakes.

The Big Web Show with Jeffery Zeldman takes on anything that matters in the world of web development. You’ll get interviews and in-depth examinations of everything from progressive enhacement to digital law. Each episode is about an hour long.

Shop Talk Show takes you under the hood of the internet. This radio-style show is crammed with interesting guests to talk everything net. From industry diversification to calling for the death of pop ups and sidebars, there are no sacred cows on this show! One new hour long episode each week.

Coder Catchup. The name says it all! This is everything you need to know to stay current with CSS, Drupal, security, and more! Hone your craft and stay current.

Responsive Web Design is hosted by the pioneers in responsive design. Responsive design has its own set of challenges, and each episode is an interview with those working in the trenches and facing these challenges each day.


js jabber

Can’t get enough talk about JavaScript? Then JavaScript Jabber is just for you! This weekly podcast is only about JavaScript. Each one hour episode takes on topics like debugging, tools, identifying code smells, and maximizing performance.

Five JS is a weekly podcast filled with the latest news in JavaScript. If you are looking for a comparison of Grunt and Node.JS, or all you need to know about ES2015, this is a must subscribe podcast.

Want to look at AngularJS framework from every angle? Adventures in Angular is the show dedicated to all things AngularJS. Once a week, they tackle issues like immutability, animations, and building for an Office application.

Startups and Biz

this week in startups

If you crave entrepreneural insight, don’t miss This Week In Startups. This show takes a peek at the best, worst, and craziest stories from the world of business. Whether you need strategies for improving your business or just want to know what’s happening in the tech world, this is an enlightening listen!

The folks at Proposify run an awesome weekly podcast. If you have an existing agency or are looking to start one, this is a great resource for everything from venture capital to hiring practices. Each Friday they also interview an agency owner over a beer to get the freshest insights in the biz.

Whether you have already built your product or are still in the planning stages, start listening to Start Ups for the Rest of Us now. The hosts bring years of experience as software entrepreneurs to each show. It’s about new product ideas, goal setting, structuring your team, and everything else you need to know to build and grow a successful business.

The Boagworld Show is hosted by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington. Each Thursday’s episode is packed with guests and web design and development business topics with a British flair. Everthing from user interfaces to building a web business is covered.



Start your week with This Week in Tech. It’s recorded live each Sunday and is a roundtable discussion with tech pundits about the latest word in tech. This is your source for what’s hot and what’s not.

The Young Guns Show takes a look at the new influencers, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs that make up the web. Galen Gidman interviews the youngest and brightest talent in the industry.

Want to know what industry leaders are thinking? Get the dirt at Dorm Room Tycoon. Each episode is a conversation with a real thinker. Listen to the state of business, design, technology, and the future as they see it.

If you are an infovore, feast on Giant Robots. This weekly technical podcast gets down and dirty with the business of development, design, and great tech products.

Have we missed any cool channels or podcasts? Do share your thoughts! What’s your favorite show?

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