Our Faves: Best of the Best – 15 Free Fonts

Best of the Best 15 Free Fonts

In modern design, the font you choose can speak as loudly as the words in the copy. Choose your font wisely. You don’t have to break the bank with an extensive font library when there are so many available free resources. Yes, sometimes the best things in life really are free. We’ve collected some of the best free fonts out on the web. We think you will agree that these fonts are perfect for enhancing your designs and enriching your wallet.

Sans Serif


Sans serif fonts are modern and trendy. They are great for larger copy as they can be harder to read at small font size. Here’s a great selection of free sans serif fonts.

  • Albubierre. The Albubierre font face is perfect for minimalist designs. The geometric sans serif font reflects the designers love of order and function in design.
  • Affogato. Affogato is a free sans serif font face that features an impressive high x-height and a long descender. It is particularly well suited for logos and display type. Available in 5 weights.
  • Hammock. Hammock is a free-spirited font, hand crafted with love and attention to detail. It is perfect for logos, displays, and any place you want to give an organic, natural feel to your design with a sans serif font.
  • Lemon Bird. Quirky and fun describe this digitally drawn typeface. The lines are broad and fat and the result is pure delight. It’s a rare bird that can pull this effect off, and Lemon Bird does it well.
  • Sequel. The name is Sequel, but this font is totally original. It’s a bold and modern sans serif font that is perfect for movie posters, logo design, and banners. Play with the kerning for even better effects.
  • Peace Sans. Peace Sans is a sans serif font made for copy in multiple languages. Full glyph support, lovely lines and graceful curves; this font works and plays well with a variety of designs. All we are saying, is give Peace Sans a chance!
  • Aldi Slim. The newest member of the Aldi font family is Aldi Slim and this version is free. This sans serif font has a slender, condensed handwritten feel. Like its namesake, it is elegant in its simplicity and does the job with quiet stoicism. Regular and bold weights are included.


King Basil font

Script fonts give a professional look to invitations, stationary, and are popular for display copy. As lovely as they are, go easy with script fonts, they can be difficult to read in small sizes and in small spaces.

  • King Basil. This free brush typeface is a lite, free version of the full King Basil font. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and a bit of punctuation make up the free version. Bold swashes and connecting letters dominate the style of this font making it great for display copy.
  • Smoothie Shoppe. This free script font includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and some really amazing extras. Swooshes and connecting letters give it a classic script style, but this font can be used in many contemporary applications as well.
  • SoulMarker. With SoulMarker you get a standard light and bold version, something you don’t see in many free fonts. It is a minimalist script font, that allows you to focus on the copy and not the design. Perfect for emulating the printed aesthetic.
  • Blow Brush. Looking to bring street style to your next design without sacrificing clarity? Blow Brush is the perfect font. It is a marker-style font inspired by graffiti and the hip-hop community that blends artistic quirkiness with legibility to create a font that is fun and functional.
  • Lauren. Let’s give a big hand to Lauren, the new hand-made calligraphy style font on the block. It’s perfect for invitations, stationary, branding materials or any place you need the look of free flowing script and stylish ligatures.
  • Diamor. Diamor is a monoline script font that includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuation. Because it’s Open Type, you can use as is or customize to make it your very own. Great for product labels, invitations, and pull quotes.


Canvas font

Serif fonts are the workhorses of design; but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Serif fonts are easy to read in all sizes making them perfect for body copy and a variety of other applications.

  • Cavorting. Cavorting is a digitally created handwritten typeface is free-spirited and happy with just a touch of goofiness thrown in for charm. It was built as a test for the power of Type 3.2, but the end product is totally usable and totally charming.
  • Canvas. Canvas stands apart as a serif font that has handwritten details. Uppercase, lowercase, numerals and limited punctuation and ligatures are included. This member of the Salvador font family is recognizable by its low crossbars and variations in thickness.

Got a favorite free font we missed? Comment below so we can share with others!

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