November Best Web Design News and Resources

Hey guys! For today’s post, we’ve hand-picked some of the best web design and development posts, tutorials and freebies from November 2014. See what is trending in the news and catch-up on all the updates with us.



Drupal Vulnerability Fix

Drupal dropped the ball once again. Another vulnerability issue discovered was marked as highly-critical. According to the official advisory, if you haven’t updated to the 7.32 version or your Drupal site has not been patched quickly enough, it is considered to be compromised. Should you need any help, our team is at your service.

Google Penalty Recovery Service

If you’ve noticed any symptoms of a Google penalty – site traffic loss or warnings in the GWT account – you should act fast. LinkAudit.Me is a new service from the creators of PSD2HTML to help you fully recover from any Google penalty or action and keep your backlink profile healthy.

GuideMe Plugin

We’ve been proud as punch to introduce a WordPress plugin developed by our very own team. It’s called GuideMe  and allows frontend developers to leave helpful messages for site admins. These hints can be tied to any page or taxonomy, and they will be visible to admins only. The plugin is absolutely free, you can go ahead and download it here.


Must-sees for Developers

Responsive Images in Practice

According to the GuyPo report, 18.7% of Alexas top 10.000 websites are responsive, and the RWD trend is spreading pretty fast. RWD sites are still heavier than they should be though. What does it take to make them more lightweight? In his article, Eric Portis shares his wisdom on elements and attributes for coding adaptable, flexible, and responsive images. The most commonly used ones are srcset, sizes, picture, and source.

Get Inline SVG into Production

If you are considering to use it for your next project, you should be ready for new challenges. Here are some good practical advice for working with inline SVGs . Rob Levin shares some good workarounds with examples.

Animate and Style SVGs with CSS

More on scalable vector graphics. Sara Soueidan shares some handy techniques for working with CSS in SVG. An important thing to keep in mind is SVG accessibility.

Some CSS Magic

Here is something to blow your mind! A Jelly Torch demo by LegoMushroom.


Web Design Mix

Some Exciting Features in Photoshop CC (2014)

Veerle Pieters gives a nice short overview of the new typography features in Adobe Photoshop CC (2014). There are two new and improved rendering options, as well as more optimized type filtering. Another handy update is that Photoshop now renders the fonts in the Image area, which is more convenient than the type preview option.

Color Theory Basics

Having a compelling color palette can substantially help in creating a successful website. It is very crucial that you revise your chosen colors and use the color theory for your website’s benefit. Your color choices speak to your audience on a subconscious level and attract them (or probably don’t) towards your product.

Principles of RWD

Sandijs Ruluks presents 9 simple GIFs that brilliantly explain responsive design. These simple animated illustrations cover everything to bitmap images to breakpoints, and many others.



WordPress Themes

Here’s a nice collection of clean WordPress themes suitable for magazines, blogs, photography, portfolios, and more. Go ahead and download them for free or check them out for inspiration.

Spinners and Preloaders

Loading spinners are important components of any interface and enhance the entire user experience of your website or app. Here’s a nice selection of spinners and preloaders that might come in handy for your next project.

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