New Squarespace Tools for Your Business Growth


Squarespace is a powerful all-in-one cloud-based e-commerce platform. Mainly targeted at the visual side of the business, it’s the number one choice for digital artists, photographers, fashion designers, estate agents, and other professionals who need to present their services or products in the most attractive way possible. 

Squarespace is also favored by budget-tight organizations since it enables them to launch a storefront quickly and relatively cheaply. At the moment of writing this post, over 3.6 million websites worldwide were Squarespace Customers. 

Among many other things, this popularity hinges on the vendor’s continuous efforts to improve and enhance the platform with new features and tools to help businesses grow. Some new e-commerce tools like these have been added to Squarespace within just the past couple of months or so.

If you run a Squarespace-based site but have had no time to get familiar with the bells and whistles added to this platform recently, we’ve prepared an overview of the most notable new Squarespace tools for your business growth.


December 2019 saw the launch of Squarespace Extensions. This is the platform’s catalog of tools targeted at merchants looking to optimize their stores and grow their businesses. 

The extensions are presented in four categories: 

  • Shipping and Fulfillment 
  • Finance
  • Inventory and Products 
  • Sales and Marketing 

We can’t say that the number and variety of apps at Squarespace Extensions is very impressive so far, with a maximum of four add-ons in two categories and fewer apps in the rest. Still, you are sure to find something valuable regarding various business aspects, such as advertising, marketing, inventory management, or bookkeeping. 

Here is a brief description of one of the extensions.

Category: Shipment and Fulfillment
Title: AfterShip

Squarespace Extensions

With this new app, you can track all your shipments across a huge number of shipping companies — 600(!), and all this in one central location — the dashboard. For every shipment, you can send personalized emails, push notifications, and SMS to inform your customers of the latest status of their orders until they are delivered to the final destinations. 

Starting from $0/month, available anywhere, and supporting a wide range of languages, AfterShip is an interesting app to try. It should create a more positive image for your brand and save you the trouble of answering a deluge of shipment-related questions from your customers.

The addition of Squarespace Extensions to the platform is a really happy event for the merchants. That being said, the small number of extensions the catalog currently offers can’t guarantee that you’ll find a solution to meet your specific business requirements. 

This is when the PSD2HTML Squarespace professionals can really be of help to you. We provide a wide range of development services for this platform that will make your store feature-rich, fast, and beautiful, putting you above the competition. 


Also in December 2019, the platform got more powerful with the addition of several new core tools that users on all Commerce Plans can take advantage of. These new arrivals are indispensable for the growth of any e-commerce store. Check out this tool, for example. 

Related Products

Related Products

With many rival systems offering the same functionality, Squarespace had no other choice but to add this feature to their platform too. The Related Products tool is an excellent way for an online shop to boost cross-selling and upselling by offering customers products that normally share some characteristics with the goods they’re currently browsing. 

Usually, customers begin online shopping for purely practical reasons: saving money and time in comparison with the regular brick-and-mortar shopping experience. However, discounts, special offers, interactive features of a particular online store, and good on-site marketing contribute to the so-called “joy buying” or impulsive shopping, which can increase the store’s profits considerably.

This is exactly what product-related promotions help achieve. There are several types of product relationships. The most common of them is the natural product relationship. For example, when browsing for shoes, a customer can be offered to purchase a shoe polish and shoe deodorizer as well. More on the types of product relationships read here

In Squarespace, the related goods (five maximum) are shown in the lower part of the product details page. Every related product has a title, price, and thumbnail. As for the layout of the related products section, it depends on the specific template, while the overall style is determined by the current Squarespace site version.

The addition of Related Products to Squarespace has definitely made this platform more attractive for merchants, especially those who sell physical products online.


Squarespace is getting more powerful. It’s no longer the simple web builder it used to be. The platform’s management has shifted the focus from site-building to giving the merchants as many tools for growing their businesses as possible. Some of the new tools we’ve reviewed in this post, and many more, no doubt, will soon be added. 

Even the most robust and seemingly feature-packed e-commerce site, though, needs fine-tuning in order to meet specific business requirements and earn higher profits than its competition.

The PSD2HTML Squarespace development department offers you fine-tuning just like that. We can completely customize your online store’s look and feel in compliance with your business specifics. We can also integrate all the major social media widgets with your store: Instagram Feed Widget, Facebook Feed Widget, Twitter Feed Widget, and many more. For the full list of our Squarespace development services, visit this page

So use our skills and experience combined with the tools available on the platform itself to make your Squarespace site an undisputed leader in the e-commerce market!

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