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The Best of March 2015: News, Tutorials, and Freebies

Spring is here – did you think it would ever arrive? Now that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, it’s time to channel the seasonal energy into creative work! For inspiration, here are the best web design and development news and resources from the past month.



Say Good Bye to Internet Explorer

Microsoft is phasing out its Internet Explorer brand. Recently at the Microsoft Convergence conference, their Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Capossela, confirmed that a new name and brand will be used in Windows 10. Geek Wire provides a preview of Project Spartan, the next generation browser.

See What’s Coming in WordPress 4.2

The first major release of WordPress for 2015 – 4.2 – is planned for the end of April. WP Beginner outlines all the exciting things happening around this release, complete with informative screen shots.

PSD2HTML Celebrates 10 Years of Conquering the Web

This is huge! PSD2HTML turned 10. Check out our anniversary infographic to learn how we’ve grown and what we’ve achieved over the past decade. Celebrate with a 50% discount on non-responsive HTML/CSS projects. This amazing offer is valid through April 5, 2015, so click here RIGHT NOW to learn more.




Riccardo Scalco has created some cool SVG patterns for data visualization, and provides the code you need to add them to your project. You can also find some ideas on different ways to use these textures there, and how to create custom designs.

A Few Fun Ways to Use SVG

Want to take advantage of SVG’s smooth, clean edges and general scalability, but aren’t sure where to start, or just want a few new pointers? On the Croscon blog, Paul DeCotiis discusses a few things he’s learned working with SVG and highlights the limitless possibilities of using SVG files in your web applications. Similarly, Sarah Drasner discusses how to use SVG Sprites in animation in her article on Smashing Magazine.

How to Enhance Responsiveness with Flexbox

In this Slideshare presentation, Zoe Gillenwater shares practical ideas for how to use flexbox in real life, as a progressive enhancement to improve sizing, spacing, and order in responsive web design, while still ensuring that non-supporting browsers get an acceptable fallback experience.

Your Comprehensive Guide to CSS Quantity Queries

Hayden Pickering discusses quantity queries for CSS in A List Apart. This is your guide to creating style breakpoints for quantities of HTML elements today, with CSS that’s already available.

CSS Sans

Check out the new CSS font from Yusuke Sugomori. This unprecedented font created with CSS reflects the history and evolution of the Web, and even changes its own shape.



Is it Time to Break Up with IE 8?

Breaking up is hard to do. Suddenly you start to remember the good times, and forget the bad. Like when IE wouldn’t support your SVG experimental phase. If you’re ready to kick IE 8 to the curb, join the club and share your reasons why now is the time.

Optimize That Image

It’s time to unleash your inner nerd in the name of optimizing different types of image formats. In this presentation, Lara Hogan tells you everything you need to know to impress your friends and family.

Sometimes the Clearest Icon Is Text

The whole world is in love with icons. Unfortunately, they don’t always clarify the message – and often obscure it. In this article, freelance website designer and developer Thomas Byttebier makes the argument for why you should skip the icon when in doubt.

What’s That Kerning Thing?

Do you speak Typographish? If not, fear not. In this post, Charlotte Demonque, the community manager at Fontyou, shares everything you need to know about typography to figure out what your type geek friends are talking about.

Sketch 3 vs Photoshop CC

In this fun infographic, Web Designer Depot lays out the features of Sketch 3 and Photoshop CC – which application is best for web design? Which renders better? Which takes up more space? Which features are missing from Sketch? Which functions can’t Photoshop adapt to? How does your favorite tool stack up?



Web UI Design for the Human Eye

Vision is the dominant human sense. That means your site must provide value and meaning as clearly and quickly as possible. This free e-book by UXPin explores how to create the most powerful first impressions.

A Full Set of Responsive Icons

When you are designing a responsive site, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your icon set will scale. This free icon set from Pixel Buddha includes 100 icon concepts with 3 different size and style versions, containing various amount of detail.

92 Icons, Yours for Free

Smashing Magazine has also released a goodie for you—an icon set containing 92 icons in three editable variants: outlined, filled, and colored. They cover 15 wide categories: science, medical, tech, kitchen, activities, care, weather, marketing, transport, holidays, formats, interface, interaction, photo, and brands.

Get Your Own Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks

Do you want to understand HTML/CSS frameworks a little better? This free e-book by Jens Oliver Meiert gives a quick introduction to web frameworks for both users and developers. Enjoy!

Forkio Website Template

Forkio is an elegant one-page design perfect for web development, apps, or software related projects. The amazing folks at Pixel Buddha, Codrops, and PSD2HTML joined forces to create this fancy template for you. It’s absolutely free, so check it out!


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