New Option: Mandrill Support

Mandrill Support

Think MailChimp is the only way to send out emails? No way! There’s a special email service in town – which goes by the name of Mandrill. We’re happy to announce that PSD2HTML now can deliver HTML email templates ready for Mandrill, which opens up a wealth of new opportunities for site owners and agencies.

However, you might be wondering what on earth Mandrill is – apart from having another ape-related name. If you’re curious about what the service is and how it helps businesses to grow, then read on.

What Is Mandrill?

Quite simply, it’s an email infrastructure service developed by the MailChimp team (hence the ape-related name!). Mandrill was first conceptualized in 2010, and now it’s the largest Email as a Service platform out there. In fact, it’s totally revolutionized how people send transactional emails.

Woah There, a Transactional Email?

If you’ve got a website, app, or any other similar product, then you’re probably already sending transactional emails by the bucket-load on a daily basis. These emails are sent out at various stages of the purchasing process. Sometimes, you’ll hear them referred to as ‘triggered’ emails. This is because they’re quite literally triggered by a user interaction. For example, if a user makes a purchase on your site, this triggers an immediate email, acknowledging receipt of their payment – and hey presto, that’s a transactional email right there.

So, What Does Mandrill Do?

Mandrill API

First, let’s look at what happens when you send a simple email from your personal account. You create an email in Gmail (for example), and it gets routed through your email service’s SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to your recipient’s SMTP service.

However, if you’re sending out thousands of emails a day via an app, or if you’re delivering a company newsletter to millions of people – suddenly thinking about the journey of your email becomes a whole lot more important. A basic SMTP may no longer cut it.

What you’ll need instead is a transactional email service. This is a dedicated service that ensures those important emails get delivered, no matter how many you’ve got flying out, or where they’re flying to.

That’s where Mandrill steps in. It’s a transactional email product, designed to support apps or websites that need to send out transactional emails; like password resets, welcome messages or order confirmations. However, you’re not just limited to these types of email – technically speaking, you can send any legal, non-spam emails through it. Hooray!

Mandrill Features

Mandrill Dashboard

Mandrill has a whole host of useful features, like flexible template options, custom tagging, advanced analytics – not to mention a very nice, user-friendly interface (which you’d expect from a MailChimp product). It’s also the only email infrastructure service with a mobile app, which means you can monitor delivery and troubleshoot wherever you happen to be. Now that’s useful.

There’s some other particularly appealing features too. These include:

  • MailChimp email delivery engine (which we know works really well)
  • A simple, powerful API
  • Ability to do simple email sending, using SMTP
  • Open / click tracker
  • Google Analytics tracking data on your URLs
  • Visual reports
  • Option to tag messages and see stats filtered by tag
  • Integrates with MailChimp’s templating system – which means you can export MailChimp templates to Mandrill and use them for your transactional emails

Which One: The Chimp or the Mandrill?

MailChimp is useful for sending double opt-in, welcome, and unsubscribe emails to subscribers – when they take action relevant to the customers’ lists. However, what MailChimp doesn’t do (and Mandrill does) is send these emails in a generic way, as a service. And that’s where a dedicated transactional service really comes in useful.

In short, Mandrill is designed to support businesses who regularly send out large amounts of triggered / transactional emails – and makes the process a whole lot easier.

Start Sending Stunning Transactional Emails

Transactional EmailsTransactional emails are incredibly important for businesses. However, they’re often hard-coded, and look dated, off-brand and generally inconsistent – not good! You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to maintain a meaningful conversation with your customers, improve their experience with you, and as a result grow your business.

With PSD2HTML, you can send out stunning, perfectly coded transactional emails, which are seamlessly integrated with Mandrill. And best of all, you can order Mandrill compatibility for just $19. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your email marketing to the whole new level!

If you’ve got any questions or comments about Mandrill, get in touch, and we’ll do our best to answer them. Happy emailing to you all!

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