3 Main Reasons to Hire a Shopify Developer for Your Online Store


Learn Why Hiring a Shopify Web Developer is a Wise Move

The present-day retail business no longer resembles the one that existed before the pandemic struck. E-commerce is now gaining more and more ground, pushing the traditional brick-and-mortar model father to the roadside.

Even prior to this global crisis, online sales had been demonstrating solid growth. According to Statista, worldwide online sales are expected to hit the $6.5 billion mark by 2023.

Selling products online, though, is a challenging occupation. Online merchants have a lot to take care of, for example:

  • Fulfilling customers’ orders
  • Setting prices for products
  • Advertising the store through various channels, such as social media
  • Monitoring the inventory for out-of-stock items
  • Responding to consumers’ queries and complaints

The list goes on.

One of the crucial items on any online merchant’s to-do list is also building a visually appealing and engaging storefront with all the right functionality. These days, there’s no shortage of e-commerce platforms that entrepreneurs can use to base their stores on.

One of the top systems currently in the market is Shopify. Aspiring online merchants choose it because it is cost effective, secure, fast out of the box, has an unlimited bandwidth, is flexible, simple to set up, suitable for any niche, and comes with many other attractive features.

That said, creating a truly powerful Shopify store or efficiently scaling an existing one is hardly a task for novices. While you can get an up-and-running Shopify site in almost no time, you are sure to encounter many obstacles down the road.

For instance, some of the apps the vendor provides through its official resource may cause hard-to-fix errors or fail to work altogether. Shopify merchants have also reported some difficulties when dealing with more than one currency or language, particularly those that are not widespread.

These are just some of the issues that Shopify store owners themselves might not be able to handle and, thus, need assistance. The good news is that help is just around the corner. All you need to do is hire an expert Shopify website developer. Below, we’ve listed 3 benefits that you can reap by cooperating with these professionals.

The Main Reasons to Hire Shopify Web Developers

#1: Shopify Store Developers Can Make Your Site One of a Kind

Hire Top Shopify developers to make your site unique

When you see sites like Amazon or eBay, you immediately recognize the companies they belong to. You would do this even if there were actually no corporate names anywhere on the sites.

Why? Because they have the layout and color combinations that no other marketplace has. That’s exactly what Shopify store owners should strive for: making their sites different from others. This contributes to better company recognition and increased traffic.

You can install one of many available Shopify themes on your site yourself and even tweak them a bit. However, other merchants can do the same thing. The result? Hundreds of similar-looking, faceless stores. It’s a kind of lottery. Consumers see no difference between these sites and open any at random.

It’s much wiser, then, to find a Shopify developer who cannot only customize a ready-made theme, but also follows the latest trends in web development, web design, and web usability.

Is flat web design popular now? Minimalist design? Illustrative design? What’s the current trend in laying out navigational elements? Shopify development experts know the answers to these questions and can come up with the most engaging and convenient design to increase your Shopify store conversion rate.

#2: A Shopify Ecommerce Developer Can Turn Your Site into a Powerhouse for Successful Online Sales

Shopify web developers will help you improve the bottom line

As the saying goes, “A jack of all trades and master of none.” It can be applied to any form of human activity, including e-commerce. When you hire Shopify web developers, you can be absolutely confident that they know every tiny detail of the platform.

With their deep knowledge, professional Shopify developers can turn your online store into a true powerhouse to increase your online sales. A web developer specializing in Shopify can extend the basic Shopify features by adding appropriate HTML, CSS, or JS into Liquid. A few examples:

  • If you own a Shopify Plus store, an expert Shopify developer can customize your checkout to meet your niche requirements.
  • A Shopify web developer can also implement an advanced searching and filtering algorithm to facilitate finding items on product pages. This contributes to a higher conversion rate.
  • A certified Shopify developer can write code to integrate third-party software into your store. There are lots of useful external services around. Want your customers to share product descriptions through Facebook? No problem. Need to have an email marketing service built into your site to keep your consumers up to date with your offers? Easy.

Apart from that, you can hire Shopify web developers to give you valuable advice regarding various apps available through the App Store, such as SEO apps we’ve overviewed in one of the latest posts.

Not all of these apps are of high quality or entirely compatible with your store. By hiring the best Shopify website developers, you will know exactly which of the apps are worth installing and which can only do harm to your business.

Finally, hire Shopify expert developers to optimize your store in all possible ways. This means image optimization, speed boosting, improving search engine visibility, and other aspects. A fast-loading online store has a better chance to satisfy Google.

#3: You Can Have Your Hands Free to Deal with What Really Matters

Hiring a Shopify web developer will allow you to do what really matters for your business

As we noted earlier, online merchants have to take care of a plethora of marketing and logistical tasks. Therefore, by partnering with a Shopify development company, entrepreneurs can take the heavy technical burden off their shoulders.

Process payments from customers, search for the best merchandise on the web, communicate with your consumers, promote your store, and do other important things to engage your target audience and improve your bottom line.

Meanwhile, our Shopify web developers will make sure your site looks unique, runs fast, and has all the features your business requires. We will also fix any errors you yourself might not be able to spot. A smooth-running site without bugs is definitely the largest benefit you can get.

The Best Professional Shopify Developers You Can Find

Whatever your niche is, no matter how complex the user interface you want, or what features you’d like your online store to have, the PSD2HTML Shopify development team will get it done for you fast and with the highest quality guaranteed.

We’ve successfully completed numerous Shopify and Shopify Plus development projects. Not only do we develop high-quality online stores but we also provide their maintenance and support once we’ve delivered them to clients. Our clients are always happy to have us as their trusted development partners as we care about their business success and growth.

The PSD2HTML team closely follows the latest industry trends. We tirelessly work to keep improving our skills and knowledge and apply state-of-the-art methods in project development, both in code and design.

Get in touch with for any front end tasks, consultations, or optimizations for your Shopify store.

Hiring Shopify Developers FAQ

What are the most important characteristics of a professional Shopify developer?

We’ve discussed this in detail in one of our earlier blog posts, “10 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Shopify Developer.” We hope you’ll find this information useful.

Do Shopify developers specialize in front end tasks only?

Shopify developers can do much more than just customize themes or build them from scratch. By leveraging the power of Shopify APIs, they can also create custom functionality and integrate third-party services into online stores, optimize site performance, create custom apps to meet unique business needs, and more.

Should I partner with a professional Shopify development agency or freelancers?

A professional Shopify development company like PSD2HTML is a much better choice than freelancers. You get a dedicated PM who will lead your project from start to finish. You sign a legally binding contract with the company as well as NDA. Therefore, you can be sure that your private data is protected by law.

In addition, PSD2HTML has a dedicated QA engineer who performs thorough testing of all Shopify projects on a wide array of physical devices.This is something that few, if any, freelancers can afford. As a result, you get back a unique product of unbeatable quality.

An agency values its reputation and will not vanish overnight, unlike many freelancers.

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